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  1. il pre order a bag if anyone does have them
  2. epic day. good to be back out there
  3. do we have a date for when this is postponed till?
  4. Epic games out there this weekend guys. Big thanks to ash. loved getting back out there.
  5. i got work first thing ash so will be down about midday! algoods?
  6. napier road havelock, at the croquet club lol
  7. i gotta get to a game one of these days, i will try for this one if i can get my car running.
  8. DAMIT!! i gotta get on the forums more, i gunna be in welly this weekend. might be back in time depends on hangover lol
  9. can someone gimmie a txt if its game on?? its just i wont be back on my computer as i gotta go to napier 1st. i have all my gear with me 0277834148
  10. i think its gotta b ash's call on this one
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