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  1. Hello, what will field fee be? Start and end times approx? Safe to assume no food or lodging provided this time around. Cheers
  2. And I have the same issue with my auto feature. . . . crazy!
  3. Oky doky, ill leave both enabled then!
  4. Which games are semi only and which ones will have auto? (Regular assault class auto. Im not support) I dont care either way but id like to set my gun up before hand.
  5. Registered and Paid. Yea Boiii!!!
  6. And now I've found uv5ra and uv5r v2, that's listed as 520 and looks like it has armour! Haha 2014 model
  7. Workmates looking these up, seems the beofung uv5r only go up to 480mhz.. . . . Uv5rz go up to 520mhz Are the 480 up to speed for our purpose and Compatibility with all other players.?
  8. When is MAG field next available?
  9. I heard someone got a melee kill on Cheerio . . . .
  10. Pencil me in to attend Ultimate Game
  11. Im thinking alot of people out there with broken bits: G36 hop units and or their respective outer barrels they slot into. Re-threading things like handgrips Mold this stuff in place and dremel out appropriate shapes/holes/slots etc etc
  12. Dirka

    Sit Rep 4 April

    Toothless requires bag of ammo please
  13. Woop woop woop, Great event, I am also thankful for the added sniper/dmr target shooting section
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