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  1. Balance of event fee paid and accommodation
  2. Going to give that a HELL YEAH!
  3. What kind of FPS can DMRs do?
  4. Love the three tags for this thread
  5. Hahaha, good call. There was a discussion on the trip home how we need to meet friends like that
  6. You and anyone else interested would be most welcome. Ben is still to post the full details but the premise is four teams/squads of PMCs accepting contracts to complete.
  7. Cheers, was an awesome game - it was most good meeting new people and shooting them 232 will be back next year like Mr F Bastard says! If any of the southern crews are keen, our Dear Leader (BIGGS) will be running another installment of his Broken Home 24 hour game on 15/16 October (something will be posted up soon). It would be good getting shot by you guys again
  8. 232 is mobile....well waiting at the ferry....
  9. How firm are the uniform restrictions around wet weather gear?
  10. Sounds good - we have a good stock of tracer ammo between us, so we are happy to bring it along and leave it in your charge to use as you see fit
  11. Ahhhhhh, this is airsoft - glow and pretty are quite important
  12. Clone

    232 Crew

    Will send you a PM Robert
  13. Where you been you snob? You still in the green up Palmy?
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