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  1. Uh, right. It's called Western Shooting for a start.... A shotty can be any shape as long as its over 760 or whatever it is. Doesn't need a stock. TBH is you were doing this.....you'd be after a lever-action....... can someone close this before it becomes a foolpost
  2. ....must find frog for puddles.........Warren, WARREN!
  3. I spy a good way of your household solving any squabbles. 2 people enter, 1 person leaves (I know it's not the line, I'm being PC) Tag's CrkdHalo Vs Csg's Squirrel, in a gloves off knuckles shot comp
  4. I'm in the process of organizing a 12 seater Transit if someone wanted to take charge of that from the far side of town?? Just need you D/L and it's all good.
  5. Monster, get your ass back down here for a game!!
  6. 1x XL if based on NZ sized shirt or L if us please. (I don't need the ladies now my moobs have mutated somewhat )
  7. Can there be an under 300fps no engagement range? Just thinking of pistols etc in tighter regions if fields where 10m may be more room than anyone has to move in. Sorry there was supposed to be a please in there
  8. Thats what I have now but she's learning.......I'm having to put the new ones at the back.
  9. Kia Ora Many of the airsofters on these forums are also real steel users, I'm sure you will find plenty of contacts regarding NZ use and our difficulties
  10. You still have one? I thought you retired from airsoft?
  11. dude, we did tell you that at the time... Hope it heals up nice and fast.
  12. good thinking! Although that may mean people travel with a much larger amount of gear
  13. Yup, they may well be, but the plastica is at dealers cost price that CSG used to get thru Al-Tee. Get the gun and hicap then order extra's from ehobby or ebaybanned
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