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  1. Dont forget the Anzac weekend interclub for those that dont facebook or live in a cave. Greycat
  2. Please add +2 to greycats name. I.A.C. Total to five.
  3. Hey all Clips of the tyre feild in use on a I.A.C. club day. https://www.facebook.com/InvercargillAirsoftClub Just to let you know what your in for if you have not played on it. Thanks Greycat
  4. Hey all So april on Anzac weekend it is then.
  5. Does anyone have a preference when in april?
  6. Hey Flazzbog Its a club day this sunday so ill take some photos and post them up.We have had several club days on the feild and they always seem to go down fine. Greycat
  7. Hey guys We down south here are keen to have you guys down for an interclub and as its our turn to host i thought i would post up to find a popular date. We have our new and improved cqb feild and an eighty acre bush feild for playing on that we can set up for all types of fps fun. Post up dates and ideas that suit and ill get it rolling. Thanks Greycat
  8. greycat

    Game day 25th

    Next Game - Sat 25th september - 1pm - Weather Permitting.Field Location = Tyre feildHire WeaponsWe have hire weapons available at a cost of $10 each with face mask and 500 bbs , extra 500 bbs can be purchased for an extra $5. Post up if you wish to book one please. Field Fee As usual we have a field fee of $5.00 each (for the land owner) Cancellation of Game Greycat or Josh will make the call on Sat at 11am and if the Game is Going Ahead or Being Cancelled due to the weather conditions . Club fees are also due so please bring them along. Thanks
  9. Hey guys Anytime between now and xmas would proberly be fine with us to rock on down so just pick a weekend that suits and rock on down.We put off the interclub till later this year because we were moving the tyre feild around and building other bits and pieces.
  10. Hey Guys We are currently upgrading our tyre feild and have been busy with working bees on it and it will be good to go soon.I will let you guys know some dates as soon as we have got the feild at a high standard that i know you expect.
  11. I have talked to mayor Tim and he reckons it will be all right if you guys come down for the weekend as long as you dont cause to much ruckus.
  12. Hey Thankyou for the days event DAC we really enjoyed ourselves as we always do coming up to visit. IAC
  13. The IAC team are intending to stay togeather if not everybodys being mixed up.Looking forward to this
  14. Paid $120 Greycat Odion Tenspeed Bull Keen on the bbq option.
  15. Hey We are planning to send a group and as tomorrows game day we will have a better understanding of who after a chat then and will post up.
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