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  1. I do believe he is after hessian, I would try a arts and crafts store or trademe.
  2. In terms of the FPS you guys need to set the rules and stick with it, you wont please everyone with whatever rules you choose. We dont have a lot of snipers at TAG either, maybe 3-4 who have and use snipers regularly. And most of them arent pushing more than 450FPS and are bolties. Put those up agaisnt the 400-450 fps SEG's that most North Island guys use and you will get raped simple as that. In terms of the higher FPS it does make a difference. Having been on the receiving and giving end of high powered SEG's there is a noticable range difference. Looking at some of the pictures of the fields that are going to be played they appear to have quite a lot of open areas that will leave the peeps with the lower powered guns struggling.
  3. Yeah pretty much, they are basicly a liability release saying that the hosting club isnt responsible for anything that may occur while you are playing. I.e. you break your arm its not our fault etc In NZ the clubs run the fields. So for example TAG leases land, has members that own land that we can use etc and we organise the games run on it, this is pretty standard for most clubs around the country. In terms of places to play there are DAC in Dunedin. Im unsure of there playing dates but if you give them a date you will be in town im sure they can sort you out a game. In Christchurch you have TAG, CSG and SA all of these clubs play on a weekly basis on either Saturday or Sunday. You can also do CQB in Christchurch if you ask nicely. And then you have NAC who are based in Nelson. I highly recommend you make the time to play with these guys if you are up in that part of the country. Again I do not know when they regularly play, but again post up with a date and im sure they will be able to show you a good time. Any more questions just fire away dude
  4. Also a thing to note is that the TM M203's are actually like the TM shotguns. Fire 3 BB's at a time using the shotgun shells. I would also recomend the Dboys launchers, sure they cant match the quality of something like G&P but they do the job and are nice and cheap too.
  5. Why not just 1 hit anywhere = dead. Simple normally works best in my experience
  6. Bit suck but I would be keen for some sort of game here even if its in the early evening. And dont worry dude we are still coming, wouldnt miss a nelson trip
  7. Any more details for this yet dude? FPS limits etc
  8. Mate you didnt lose it again after I gave it back to you the first time did you?
  9. No SA is running its own game on their field on the Sunday, the nats game is at a different field that no one has played on before.
  10. The number of people who have paid is up around 70-80 mark
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