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  1. Facebook is probably your best bet mate. This is one of em:
  2. As long as your not shipping enough parts to put a gun together you should be fine. No licence is ever required, only a permit for restricted weapons. If unsure check with your local arms officer.
  3. Letter or email is the general go.
  4. REGISTRATION FORM: CLUB GUNS AVAILABLE!DAY 1: Friday Night game CQB at ArmageddonGates open 430pm Gaming starts 6pmDAY 2: Saturday Full day CQB gaming at Armageddon (Saturday Night, Speights Ale House Tahuna, discount available)Gates open 900am Gaming starts 1030amDAY 3: Sunday Full Day Milsoft at Rabbit Island Gates open 900am Gaming starts 1030am CAMPING: Armageddon are putting up tenting space for free, toilets on site but no showers. Food available at cafe for breakfasts etc (need to know in advance if wanting to take advantage of this). Entry fees are CASH ONLY $15 per day for Armageddon and $5 for Rabbit Island (not including ammo, bring your own or buy on site). So all up $35 in field fees for all three days! JOULE LIMITS: Armageddon: 1.14 Rabbit Is: Normal ASNZ (see in files on our FB page) LAST YEARS VIDEO:
  5. Nelson Airsoft Corps (NAC) are the closest, we get a few players from over Blenheim way. Any questions fire them to me, Joe Fraser on fb.
  6. You may be better asking on FB mate, not a lot of the guys use the asnz site anymore unfortunately.
  7. Are there weapon rules anywhere?
  8. No cost and yes. Just takes ages.
  9. Awesome days shooting with Jamie Zimmer running the day and others helping out.FIND US ON FACEBOOK: OR OUR WEB SITE: Photo's by Nathania Fraser
  10. Great nights gaming till 12am with an awesome bunch of go hard airsofters!FIND US ON FACEBOOK: OR OUR WEB SITE: Photo's by Nathania Fraser.
  11. Short video from the training run, pics below.
  12. See your local club armorer (most clubs have em), they will be aware of your club restrictions as well, especially if your new. Also, FPS ain't everything, in fact it's only one thing, how quick the bb gets there. A good barrel and hop are far more important. And fps is always gauged on a standard based on .20 ammo, so it's the only figure that counts.
  13. Our first club shooting competition sponsored by ICS which was meant to be a three gun affair but due to weather was narrowed down to a pureshooting comp. Was a lot of fun with Jamie Zimmer taking out first, Nick Robinson second and myself third. Next on in October, open invite! FIND US ON FACEBOOK: OR OUR WEB SITE: