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  1. Whats the current status re the plus 1s?
  2. Yes Yes Yes! I am going.
  3. Actually Im sick again. Probably because I didnt shake it last time, probably because I do things I know I shouldn't. I dont think its wise to come.
  4. I will have to be coming. I know it's been a long time since you all shot at me.
  5. I asked before but no one saw, any spare seats? I have no idea where this is actually happening.
  6. I could use a ride to wherever it is if anyone has a spare seat. I live just up the hill from the Gardens New World.
  7. Is it possible I can just do one day? I don't mind which and I'll help out if you still cant find the numbers but you know... It could be a bit much to spend a whole weekend doing.
  8. I want it. Now just to see if it works. If it doesnt I will look into a new one. If you could help it find its way into the club crate that would be great.
  9. What? I thought you said it shat itself and it was best not to worry about it. I would like get it back though.
  10. Oh yeah... George and I are looking for people who play operation flashpoint dragon rising.
  11. I decided to come back to Dunedin this year. I was only going to take a year off, bit I decided that if I left, I may not come back at all... So you will be seeing me again.
  12. I dont think I will be coming actually. The fact that the exams are coming up soon and I didnt get enough study done this week.
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