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  1. NAC Interclub, Queens B'day Weekend, Day 3 Briefing. All attendees to read and understand. If there are any questions regarding game play pm me via Facebook. NAC Interclub 2018 Milsim Revised Brief.pdf
  2. Can I just say that I am loving the briefing layout, it looks familiar and very professional :-)
  3. These are the teams for Day 2. Please read through. I have accommodated squad choices as much as possible, if anyone has an issue with the team that they are on then they can contact me directly and I will see if any changes are possible, otherwise this is it. Teams will need to choose 1 Commander for there side, whichever squad this person comes from will be replaced by a NAC player. This doesn't need to be chosen until Saturday evening. Team briefings will occur from 6:30pm(estimated). This will be at the Tahuna Conference Centre next to the Tahuna Holiday Park. All team members must attend. Maps, briefing papers and communications and signals will be handed out/assigned at these briefings. Any Squad that has "Squad Name" will need to settle on a name and PM by tonight. Tomorrow Midday at the latest. DEFENDERS The Damned Kriegskampfe Johaboo Buffy Iroquois47 B.S Strickerrr Squad Name Nighthawk Tswizz440 Grey Ghost Jango the Muss Snorlax Valox Dirty Half Dozen Rvp69 Aidan_Mc Blaze Nzg3N3 Svp n8777 Squad Name Aster L.ockehart Necro Desert Warrior Wingwing Cheerio T Carter Squad Name General Guardian T Joe Dirka Mule TARTwo Al-Tee Matt Manateerulz Mjolnir Actionman Jaime Chapman Rub 2 Borntorun Blooddemon Sobbie Zoot Pilcrow Ned N Pryor TAG Mix Flazzbog EDA RAFEN Ghosthunter Poncho Andrew Sneakers Squad Name Cyclops Inksmith Codefox Sosavage Zep Jinx ATTACKERS Brothers from Different Mothers J0Ker Deddog Phillofit Mallard Cyco Krispy333 Able Wookie Cake Slim Scvngr Deepeyes Sweetcorn Rub 1 Spitfire Aaron93429 Yakob Rook Mecano Evt Second Able Lethal Zimmer Uno Morgin Coal Vegemite Skullbirds Torak Jaybee Wasp Stag Beully Punisher TAROne Papabear Phil007 1Tonne Johnsy Reacher Nick Bartlett Delta Hendrix St Jimmy ,007 Teto Jerry Flame Squad Name Fluffycat Label Stickman Bitey Str3tch Occam
  4. I need to hear from a M J Mcentee and a J J O'Donnell-Fluit, you have paid for two days but have not received registration and you did not put your club or callsign as a reference. Please PM me ASAP!!
  5. My apologies, so at this stage AHB and one TAR squad are confirmed. For ASA and Able Company(CSG) to be complete we are awaiting payment from one player in each squad. We are still awaiting finalised details from WMA and RUB and any other club that is sending a team. Remember registration cut-off is fast approaching so if you are coming and are part of any team that hasn't registered you need to get onto it and get in your teams details soon.
  6. The original post has been updated to show the available units left. When booking please ensure you inform the park that you are part of the NAC Booking. If you don't do this then they won't tell you that these units are available. Remember to use NAC2016 to get a 10% discount. Also all those attending need to be aware that on the second day, all transport options will be leaving from the Holiday Park, so you will need to make sure that your team is there on time. Times will be given closer to the event for this. Due to the nature of the agreement with the council and forestry management players will not be allowed to take and park their vehicles on the island.
  7. If you are looking to book then you will need to arrange with the Holiday Camp. I will be heading in tomorrow to see what is available. Otherwise there may only be camp sites left. If that is the case then I have a large tent that could be borrowed and I am sure others may be able to help. Will know more after tomorrow.
  8. You will need to either call or email to check in with the Holiday park about what is left.
  9. Just a reminder to all those that have yet to register. We require all fields to be filled out and submitted. This is for organisational and health and safety requirements. To make it easier on everyone could you send that information to your team leader who can then send it all to me. Also if your team has reserves please let us know who they are, this is mostly for day two requirements.
  10. The squads will be made up from the registered teams from the competition day with reserves being placed together randomly. If however you have a preference with who you want to be in a squad with then I don't mind if you organise that and pm the details to me so I can take that into account. The teams however will be randomly selected and posted up shortly after registrations close
  11. Nope, issued tokens are for that team only and cannot be taken from the opposing team.
  12. NB: 7 days until the registration price increases. Make sure to get all payments and registration details in this week if you want to pay the original fee. Have any questions that you need answered don't hesitate to contact myself or Quadestar, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  13. The fps limits and engagement distances are as per the ASNZ guidelines, these being as follows: A weapon firing 350 FPS (1.13 Joules) or under has no M.E.D A weapon firing from 351 FPS up to 420 FPS (1.14 up to 1.63 Joules) has a 10m M.E.D A weapon firing from 420 FPS up to 600 FPS (1.63 up to 3.33 Joules) has a 20m M.E.D (bolt action rifles only) No weapon may fire over 600 FPS Note - These figures are calculated on a 0.2 gram BB (Using a heavier BB will increase the joules) All weapons that are to be used will be chrono'd and tagged on Day 1. They will be tested using the weight of the bb that you will be using on the day.
  14. Yes, Day 2 is only $60. If people are registering as an individual for Day 2 only, when you send us your details just disregard the squad name and squad leader name and just ensure you state that it is for Day 2 only. All individuals will be randomly placed into squads.
  15. .Si is correct, Core teams of 6 will be the same and subs will be mixed up. Both teams will be randomly assigned (except for those that choose to not to be part of the beach landing) and posted to the forums before the event.
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