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  1. There's still several clubs around, as Joe said - FB is your better bet to finding them, the forums aren't what they used to be... *tumbleweed* There is 232crew and WMA, both active in the region. I believe CTA is still around in some capacity, but they haven't been part of ASNZ for a while now.
  2. As we don't really have the same import issues the US has over Glocks copyright, I'd honestly say - save your cash and get a WE or similar. Their recent gen stuff is decent for the price, and there is a fair bit more options in the way of parts/compatibility. Elite Force = American Umarex, and I'm led to believe these are VFC OEM. They are okay, but IMO don't line up with the $170USD price tag. If you're going to splash, TM's are great and there's Lots of parts/upgrades available. They have been the go-to for a long time. Sure the EF's have got the nice trades etc, but you can do that with most of the other brands stock, and those that dont with aftermarket slides - At the end of the day Elite Force is just re-branded Umarex, and as such you should always pay attention to the OEM for each one, because they are not all equal. /my 2c
  3. Hey Alex, Good intro. I came over from the dark side as well about 10 years ago. Its really nice not having to strip and clean all my kit every game. Plus a bag of rounds are a hell of a lot cheaper than a box of paint. In terms of the clubs - The last operational elements of WRM and 232 have been rolling together for some time, so mostly single point of contact there. Easy. I've sent you a PM with some more details, but no reason you cant check out all the clubs in the area (there are a couple more/ish around as well) Cheers,
  4. Paid remainder + accoms. Already have TQ
  5. FYI: As your're under 16, they won't grant you an import permit. You need to be 16-18 with an NZ Firearms licence, or over 18 to own an airsoft gun in New Zealand.
  6. RE: Day 2 / Milsim. Any rules, requirements or boundaries on Equipment, Weapons, Camo etc for the given factions? I saw there was some mention of weapon types, but only loose guidelines. Weapon types (support/launchers etc) - any rules or boundaries, or is it effectively all auto, and as much ammo as physics will allow? The squad sizes (and therefore medics) - are they the same size as day 1 squads (6-8)? Cheers.
  7. As for ASNZ clubs, Main options you have got are WMA, RuBcore, and 232crew. We are all mainly Wellington Based, but its not a long drive from Pram. Usually depending on your playing style will determine which club you prefer. Theres a club recruitment/info pages on here somewhere (i think you should be able to see them). Hit us up and can give you some info.
  8. Looks like you've got no club affiliation. That'd be your problem.
  9. Yeah, the new posts page was about the most useful thing about the old page. I gave up after about a billion photo posts...
  10. Paid, JAWA 232 (Jordan) Also Steven = Gasman, not WolverineNZ
  11. I would think there would be some commercial storage lockers you can rent long term. Like there are places near me that rent a small locker (enough room for a rifle and a little bit of kit) for about $9/week. It might be cheaper if you were signing on for a long time. I don't know if this would be less than the offset of renting kit, but they are secure and many have 24/7 access.
  12. Jawa

    Hello Again

    Hey, its that guy. Believe it or not, your old computer is still going... just
  13. WMA have hireable gear and new player initiatives. 232 enjoys sailing, long hikes in the wilderness and renovating indoor spaces. And occasionally you might find both WMA and 232 in the same place at once. Its affectionately known as Tuesday.
  14. Its been years, but there was an upgrade lower that had the board, switches, and solenoid all in one unit. They were all of $100-$150nzd and had all the components you need. Looked something like this: Board had control to adjust dwell time, duration, modes... all sorts. Runs off a 9V for days. I can't remember specifics on who and where, but it was a lot cheaper than that. If you can adjust the volume and pressure, you can get them pretty quiet. You've heard a Polarstar right? Quieter than any GBBR.
  15. Its been an epic ride watching this thing. Gutted it didn't make it. I still think electro-pnuematic is the way to go. Years of paintball tech made me see it was the future... and only recently we are seeing its evolution in the P*/Jack/SMP. If you ever decide to pick it back up, have a look into it. Hell I think there's even Paintball upgrade/replacement grips that contained all the necessary parts (control board, solenoid, trigger/microswitch) that could be modded with minimal effort.
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