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  1. Hi there peoples Back for a look after a long absence (study, work, training and kids have kept me away from airsoft for a few years now) If any of you guys from back in the day are still floating around let me know, might be keen for nats next year since it's local and it'll give me an excuse to come out (of retirement lol)
  2. This should technically count as a non airsoft project and might be of interest to any of the guys on here that are running websites selling airsoft guns and gear. http://www.synapscommerce.com Few of us working on getting the launch of this ready; Flare (his brain child), Joey Joe Joe Jr, That Dude, Davo and myself. Also like us on Facebook and Twitter (if you're into that sort of thing).
  3. I have no problems at all with the lack of games, let me make this very clear as I have mentioned in the past that I haven't had the time to get out to games properly for a few years now, as some of us know, as you get older your commitments change and sometimes your priorities have to as well. I really have no interest in funding loaner guns, there are enough guns owned by people in PAC that if someone wants to borrow a gun to see what the game is like and someone wants to lend them one - go for your life. But I won't be lending out mine, just like I wouldn't necessarily let a stranger drive my car, that's just how some people are. As for insurance, again I don't really care who's idea it was, but if you want to run that then the person who borrows the gun pays a (for example) $10 insurance premium which goes into a fund to pay for if something breaks, not other people paying for it or there is a moral hazard problem that arises. This has nothing at all to do with the amount of games and everything to do with the amount of money (not just this year but into the future as well) and how this money is to be used that has led me to this decision.
  4. very well then I resign my membership of PAC (of which I have been a member since 2003) as sorry but I have no interest in paying membership fees and game fees to subsidise guns for people to use, and the loaning of guns to players and paying an insurance premium for them. If you want to bring along a noob and you want to loan them your gun to use then fine, but it's at your own risk, who's to say it wouldn't of stripped a gear or piston in your hands instead. and the club pays for that? Guns are cheap enough now that you can buy your own AEG cheap enough if you want to have a go. Thanks guys its been fun.
  5. I think more people would pay if the fee was more representative of the costs involved in the operation of the club for the year because realistically the club has no expenses that anyone has been made aware of so if the only cost is that it is the use of the asnz.co.nz forums then the fee needs to reflect this
  6. Sorry I'm unable to make it to this game
  7. Bugger sorry man, in wellys for TKD nats that weekend
  8. Is it wrong to know that the chess board in the first post is set up incorrectly
  9. looks like i'll probably come down for this
  10. won't be able to make it I have a tournament on saturday sorry
  11. Hi Ash looks like I will be heading over for this one cheers Sean
  12. been thinking about gapping it over to the game in hastings too so looks like that could be the go also welcome back
  13. what about the balls they use for squash? should give a suitable consistancy
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