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  1. Thanks a lot guys for givin' us a go Sorry it's taken so long to get back on here- but we all hit the ground running when we got back regarding Uni. The three of us will definitely be coming back sometime in the second half of 2011- I should be coming back sometime in May, but I'll be up in Christchurch for all that time =\ Currently there's 2 glocks, an M92 and a 3 day old HK USP springer taped up in an unmarked box hidden deep inside my girlfriend's grandparent's garage. Parting with them was... emotional. Anyway, Thanks again guys- hopefully we'll see you all again sooner than later
  2. Okay, Recommendation's taken on board Thanks guys I suppose it doesn't really make sense to have a pistol when the primary can hold up to 600BBs. Thanks for the heads up, I'll see you guys January 2011 ^^
  3. Ah, so I don't necesarily need specific Airsoft protective gear? Well that make's things a bit cheaper For my friends at least. I've already bougth some wide peripheral anti-fog googles for the occasion Also, about the handgun, It's to my understanding that it is legal for someone over 18 to own an airsoft weapon of almost any sort (obviously excluding automatics) and legal for someone under 18 to use an airsoft gun if they dont have a license, provided they are under the supervision of an adult/field martial. Now, I'm assuming that the well established fields have these refferes, so I should be able to use my own hand gun given to me by the adult in question? Technically, I will not own the airsoft gun nor will I be using it without parental supervision. Does this mean that I can use the borrowed handgun at the field where I should be considered "supervised"? Please don't misconstrue my approach- I'm merely trying to get all my facts right. Pistols are one of my favourite forms of firearm- just a thing I developed over the years. Thanks guys. You're really helping alot
  4. Ah, thanks Mat. Yes we will be hiring primary weapons from the club- however we also wish to have sidearms. Is is to my understanding that a reasonably good spring/electric handgun could cost aproximately $80. I'm not sure of the qaulity of the ones our relative has waiting for us however. To my understanding, most fields do not allow muzzle velocities of above 350FPS. Its also not just about having the essentials aswell. There's a personal victory which comes from purchasing an Airsoft gun (pistol or not) even if it remains in the possesion of the good-natured New Zealender who bought it. The long hard fight for Australian Airsoft has left us all rather depressed, so just to witness the ease of airsoft purchase in NZ would be refreshing. The game itself would be also all these things and more! However handing the guns back at the end of the day could prove heart breaking Anyway, not to worry guys. Looks like it's rentals for us but don't be surprised if we come brandishing some pocket-power. I also understand that most fields need to test non-member guns and equipment before the game. If our googles/glasses prove ineffective (Which they shouldn't) do most fields have safety equipment for hire as well? I'm just worried about how much that may cost- it all adds up. Keep the advice coming guys- You're helping us out alot
  5. So it's come to our attention that perhaps we'll need primary weapons... I've had a look around, but I can't seem to get the answears I need... Is there something I should set up before we head over to purchase some guns? Will we be able to pick them up as we go through the country? remember, we're starting at Queenstown, then to Dunedin, then to Christchurch. I've heard a lot about armoueres, but we don't live in the country so I don't know how that'd work =\ On the SA forum their armourer, Foobin, advertised the availabilty of 3 primary weapons: Jing Gong AEGs - MP5 Series USD$68 Jing Gong G36C Electric Airsoft Rifle USD$72 Jing Gong M4A1 Electric Airsoft Rifle USD$100 The prices are attractive, so I'm thinking maybe I should approach this. Also, we'll probably need at least 4 mags per person. How much do magazines cost/ Where can I buy them for the specific model of gun? Through the armourer again? I'm going to contact them now anyway- my only concern is I can't really be a club member since I live out of NZ. Thoughts/advice guys?
  6. Thanks Wookie I've signed up and am just lurking ATM. I have another big problem at the moment... I will only be able to play on thursday/friday or both. I'll be leaving on a saturday. Chances of non-weekend games guys?
  7. Thanks alot Mouse I do have a few more questions now though. So with the Christchurch clubs, I would just have to contact them before hand and let them know we're coming? Do they charge for the use of their fields? Do I need to download and sign the waivers myself or would they have copies there already? Slighty different question: Do fields usually sell BB's/hire out guns? Of course I'm going to contact them myself later and ask most of these questions again just to be sure- but I'de like to get a heads up and as much info as possible while I have the luxury of time Thanks again guys! (also, as a slightly less essential question, what kind of airsoft-power am I looking at to be an effective combatant? We're all quicker than your average bear, so we were thinking that perhaps electric pistols may be all we need, but I'm not so sure.)
  8. Okay so I'm heading over to NZ on December the 27th with 2 of my mates. We're all 17, but we have a relative over there who owns a few guns. We've already bought some airsoft googles and neoprene face covers. After looking all over the net, I have a few questions... 1. What are these waivers? Are they forms that my friends and I need to sign in order to play? 2. Where are all the established fields? I see a lot of clubs- but I don't see very many established airsoft fields... Is there a difference? (Forgive my ignorance- things are a bit different in Australia where we have Paintball instead <.<) 3. We'll be heading from Queenstown to Dunedin to The Spit to Christchurch. Do you guys know any goods fields on the way through these places (of the places themselves would be good ) Anyway, that's all I'm worried about at the moment. Thanks for your help guys
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