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  1. @Plagu3 Need to change the date dude
  2. I pasted this onto the DAC facebook page... you should see the response haha
  3. yo striker, are you doing law down here in dunedin?
  4. hahahahaha I totally read that as Kaikoura... My bad!
  5. might be best to hit up the nelson club? or chch depending on how far you are willing to travel?
  6. You guys are more than welcome to come. Just let us know who's coming and how many numbers so we can make sure we are set
  7. i guess im in for this is CSG coming?
  8. Hey guys, I'm thinking about making a comeback. Does anyone know of anyone selling a kjw 10/22? Hit me up!
  9. youre doing it wrong... youre meant to bring them with you
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