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  1. I think he was kidding, but seriously, it was suggested that I send them, I did it once, it was a major pain in the arse and took a whole lot of time and I said never again, $5 postage is a good deal considering, if I was posting them I would have wanted an extra couple of $$ per shirt to cover the time.
  2. Hey Choc, sorry only Small to 3XL is available in those colours, as it says in the first post
  3. I've made shirts for the nats since 2009, I'm more that happy to make some and will do my best to pull out all the stops to get them done in time once AHB have sorted a design.
  4. they have been OK for ages as far as I'm aware but they are a total waste of time.
  5. Yeah it was a bit of an unfortunate location, it was a nice change but we won't do it every year.
  6. Our photos are here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151854395387917.1073741830.317799187916&type=3
  7. The order has not made it to me yet, just so people know the hold up isn't my doing.
  8. I don't think there's a limit on how many you can have.
  9. Just a tip, turn the shirts inside out, cold was and line dry inside out and the colour will last a lot longer.
  10. Nationals shirts are printed (for those who ordered before Thursday night)
  11. There is no law or policy that says you have to use an armourer, the advantage comes down to relationships and regularity that ASNZ has with customs, it's always order at your own risk, you just won't have much backup if it goes wrong, even with an armourer the backup can be limited but it can be more helpful to have the order placed correctly in the first place.
  12. Chaos

    mark 19

    It uses an M2 tripod, and probably the same pintle mount as a 1919 this is probably the cheapest you'll find a set http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-1919A4-M2-50-cal-30-cal-Tripod-with-the-Pintle-/150689164029?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2315c62afd *edit Correction, it's possible it uses the bigger M3 tripod which is what is used with a 50cal (same pintle but) You don't often see them for sale and the one I've played with weighed a ton so expect $500 - $1000 shipping on it alone Found this one http://www.cranetechnologiesinc.com/M3TripodWLargePintleSocket.html
  13. You were the 2nd to last person to supply me with an address, I packed and filled out your address about midnight, if you had provided it on time you would have got a tracking number like everyone else, I probably forgot due to how late it was, the delivery details are below, it showed it was delivered several hours before your post. Its the late payers and the people who can't follow instructions that make this kind of job a real chore. JB106173214NZ Add name Delivery Complete 07.50 AM 17/03/12 Hide details Scan history: Status Scanned 1 Delivery Complete 07.50 AM on 17/03/12 Current status: Delivery Complete Your item has been successfully delivered.
  14. cool had me worried there for a bit
  15. All good, although I just thought I would run your tracking number and this is what it says Scan history: Status Scanned 1 Delivery Complete 07.36 AM on 16/03/12 Current status: Delivery Complete
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