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  1. The current ban on semi-automatics does not affect airsoft. What the coming review of the arms act will cover we don't know at this stage but hopefully it won't have any impact on airsoft.
  2. Orders are now being taken from clubs for the 2017 ASNZ Calendar. It will feature the top 24 pictures from the ASNZ Photo Competition. The cost of the calendar is $20 each for ASNZ members ordering through their rep, and $25 each for non ASNZ members, including delivery. From that ASNZ will make a profit of about $10 each, the remainder goes to the printers. ASNZ club members are urged to order through their rep and will pay $20, in which case the order placed by the rep will be shipped to that rep for distribution. Anybody including ASNZ members ordering individually will pay $25 and their calendar will be shipped direct. Club orders are to be paid for in one payment as the total amount from that club. Once an order is placed it is the clubs responsibility to make their payment on time, if your individual members have not paid you on time that is unfortunately your problem. Please place orders via PM to me. Important stuff Cost: $20 each (ordered through rep) Cost: $25 each (ordered individually) Order by: December 19th Payments for club orders: Clubs pay ASNZ in 1 bulk amount per club with their club name as reference, individuals make payments to their own clubs prior. Payments for individual orders: Individuals pay direct to ASNZ with their call sign/name as reference Paid by: December 22nd Delivered: Deliveries should be prior to 31st December 2016 Make payments to: ASNZ bank account details Bank: ANZ Account number: 01 - 0702 - 0181985 - 00
  3. Sorry PAC should still be here, we will get this fixed ASAP.
  4. This should be sorted now Delta, let me know if it isn't.
  5. Nematode


    I can see your one.
  6. The Primary rep on the Clubs page is incorrect for TAG and several other clubs.
  7. I am missing some PM's from the days leading up to the migration. The date of the most recent PM post migration is 14th Feb 2016
  8. And so they did and the people rejoiced... http://www.asnz.co.nz/forums/forumdisplay.php?352-NAC-Nationals-2016
  9. Details of times etc in first post. If you are wanting to come along please post so we can set teams and buy enough food.
  10. ASNZ Southern Competitive League Following on from the 2013 Nationals CQB competition we are running an ongoing Teams based competition in Christchurch. The competition will start on March 13th and then every second Wednesday thereafter. Teams of four members can be entered by any ASNZ club. Where .......... TAG CQB Facility. Waterloo Road, Christchurch When ............Round One - Wednesday 13th March, 1900hours Cost ..............$20 per team per night Teams Rules Maximum of 4 named members No backups or standins - if you have a no show you play short Supply the following details if you wish to enter a team: - Team name - Team Captain's name - Other team members names Team captains will be responsible for paying for their team entry - no pay, no play Game Rules Round One will be Arena games only Teams will play multiple matches in each round Max ammo per player per game 150bb's Max energy limit is 1.14j (350fps on .2's equivilent) - all guns will be chrono'd at every round. Some form of teeth protection is mandatory - mask, mouth guard, shemagh or balaclava Other rules as they were at the 2013 Nationals Future rounds will involve other competition types If you are late you forfeit points for that match Team entries for Round One close miday on the Wednesday the 13th March.
  11. Some feedback from me Pre Event Organisation and information flow was awful. Format for event, times, details etc should have been available six months prior. Payments from those attending were quick, well done. Day One Late arrivals caused issues, both players and house team. Not enough time allowed for briefings and Squad Leaders walk through. VC was not structured well though it was consistent. Very hard event to run in a CQB environment. No mater the skill level of the squads they would never have made it through alive. IPSC went well, I think this could easily be extended to a more comprehensive individual shoot. CQB went well, more targets and a mix of hostile/friendly targets may have added some interest. This needs to be balanced with the time then required to reset and score between rounds. Arena went well, tended to become a spam from the back event as we saw in the final. Obstacles needed to be closer together to promote movement, possibly pistol only or a limit on the number of long weapons would have helped. Semis and Final format was great for getting a bit of atmosphere going though, a lot of potential with this one. Numbers for the day: Players - 10 teams of 6 = 60 House teams/organisers - 18 Day Two Went better than I expected, no in field marshalling required. Player behavior was fantastic. I would only use two thirds of the field for a similar game in the future. Medical supplies were in short supply, primarily due to one team's tactic of denying the other team the hospital but also due to poor supply distribution by one team. More maps may have helped individuals (each squad was issued a map), but without compasses or GPS only to a limited degree in that field. Numbers for the day: Blue team - 36 Red team - 38 Militia - 20 Admin - 2 Dinner and Prize giving Dinner took ages and I never got my desert Was a great opportunity to catch up with a heap of people though. Overall a successful event I thought, a continuation of the format from the 2011 nationals. Looking forward to the 2014 nats.
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    Add threads to this forum http://www.asnz.co.nz/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=301
  13. That's a fair distance for a man that isn't supposed to be walking
  14. If you can't find the fields or have any other issues or questions my number is 027 442 3878.
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