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  1. Hi All, I've just returned back to NZ after several years abroad. Clubs and forums for Wellington-based players seem to be dead? I'm quite keen to dust off my old kit and get some game time. Thanks. Metalstorm
  2. Hey Easy, I'll happen to be in your part of town again this weekend. Would you have a couple of spare club guns for two noobs? They've never played before.
  3. That's a great result for a lot of hard work...nice.
  4. Hi Petah, My primary (and first gun) is an ICS MP5 SD5. Great gun, especially for someone relatively new to the sport. Touching wood, never had any issues and has been very reliable. Shoots great and gets me the results. I checked out your link and it looks like its for an SD5, like mine i.e. solid stock versus the foldable/retractable one that the SD6 is. Anyways, it's been really worth it. Good luck.
  5. Great, thanks Kronos. Only thing to watch out for in hindsight is that the bbs come flying out! ;p Thanks though.
  6. So I had a quick look at my mags at home and couldn't quite figure out how you 'unwind' them. There's quite a lot of resistance trying to wind them the other way so I didn't force it. I did empty it all out of the bb's. Not sure if I need to do anything else?
  7. Didn't realise that! Will have to run off home and do that straight away! Thanks Deepeyes.
  8. Is there such a thing as overwinding? Like can you damage the magazine if you do so?
  9. Starting to see some consistency in the responses, which is exactly what I was after. This has at least helped me identify a couple of recommended brands for pistols and rifles. Thanks to you all!
  10. Thanks for your feedback so far...please keep them coming! Some additional info... 1. Still quite a n00b with airsoft and have only played a handful of games. (But am seriously hooked and loving it!) 2. Recently gifted an ICS MP5 SD5 and have been quite happy with its performance (although the constant need to wind the mags to get the thing to shoot is pretty annoying). 3. Currently looking to buy a pistol in the next few weeks and hence this post. 4. I've had a go with my friend's Tokyo Marui M9 which I've liked, but the cost is a bit of a barrier and am trying to gauge who comes a close second or third etc. 5. I prefer weapons that are as close to the real thing i.e. weight and scale.
  11. After a quick search in the forums returned nothing and partly due to a bit of laziness, I was hoping to get people's opinions of who they considered to be the best 5 airsoft gun manufacturers to be. If people could please provide their feedback based on the following factors, that would be great. * Quality/Durability * Performance * Reliability
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