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  1. Registered. Deposit paid. No TQ, No accommodation.
  2. Gon be gud!
  3. Just wanted to further double check on this. At previous Nats a team could have 8 total players with 6 active on the field at any given moment. EG: Game starts with players 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 on the field and 7, 8 on the bench. Once someone dies they go back to the bench and player 7 takes their place on the field. Next player dead goes to the bench and player 8 takes their place on the field, etc, etc. Just means people get a wee rest in between deaths. Is this the case for these Nats or is it such that the game starts with players 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and only those players will play that entire round with 7, 8 sitting out until the next round? Bit of an awkward question to try and write up, hopefully that makes sense. Cheers!
  4. Sounds good man. Vegetarian reporting in, gimme all dat pasta and salad!
  5. Following on from Valox's question, is there the option of paying for just the field fee and development levy if accommodation and food are not required?
  6. Look forward to the next one, even just from the description at the debrief it sounds like it'll be awesome! Good job everyone involved, hopefully we get to catch up some time before next years event Is it just me... or is it sounding like next year everyone's going to go in with no weapons bar ten 'nades on a bandolier?
  7. Отвратительно России , приходят и бороться против нас
  8. Alrighty, TAG has 10+ players attending. We're just in the process of getting everyone to fill out the online form. Gonna be good kids!
  9. Eda

    TAG interclub

    Payment made! Looking forward to it
  10. Eda


    Hawk with his fancy new Marui M870 - ultra boss.
  11. Eda


    YouTube integration seems like a big improvement over the old forums. I'm loving the ability to full screen without having to navigate to the video on YouTube.com.
  12. Paid! Sorry for lateness, been on holiday - no internet or 3G!
  13. Eda

    TAG interclub

    I be in! Woop woop DAC!
  14. Cool cool cool, thanks man
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