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  1. Yeah I'm in Palmy still, been busy with work stuff... Talking with Rancid he's keen to go to Wellies once a month or so - I may jump in with him when he does.
  2. Otherwise I'll just fuck off for another 3 years I 'spose
  3. Right... Anyone want to vouch for me? It's not like I'm some newbie or anything...
  4. Hey, can someone give me some kind of club affiliation again? I kinda miss being able to see the rest of the forums Love Gauge
  5. What's the fee if say you just want to be there for the Saturday without staying over, etc?
  6. Gauge


    AHB Nats?! Aww true! If anyone wants to lend me a decent SEG and any necessary team kit I'd be keen to play for your squad. Got my own safety's and webbing but all I got to wear is MCU or civvie kit. Love Gauge
  7. I've done a few of those... Not with an airsoft gun mind you...
  8. How the f**k are ya, RuB?! Keen to have a slice of Gauge out on the field?
  9. Nice to know that APS still produces a pile of shit! Well done getting that hair-trigger setup! How many millimetres of travel does the trigger have before contact? Also what's the body like on the M4? Solid?
  10. We get issued the Paraflex boots as KCB's and they're pretty bloody resilisent. Put up with four months of bulls**t and they hold up well out in the field. Also the ankle support is top notch (ankle support is a must in my books) http://www.paraflex.co.nz/details.php?product_id=16
  11. Gauge

    mark 19

    Muahahahha! It is madness. Hydra Grenade Launcher
  12. Gauge

    mark 19

    Just build this instead:
  13. Cheers, guys! It was a neat day!
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