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  1. I feel like this gif sums up pre-ordering games from AAA publishers.
  2. Cheers all, awesome game, ma gooch hasnt been that sweaty in ages. Great to get out there and catch up and what not.
  3. Not sure if club is aware but 2 merc's will be taggin along with me. 1 being Jamie who went along to the last game and a Josh. As far as I know they're sorted for guns, if not, give them a high viz and a vidcam and they can skerm with those.
  4. skirm gona happen 2moro or na?
  5. Can we call it OPERATION 2 PLATOONS!
  6. rats boys r keen, down az 4 the bunkers
  7. ye rats boys be there. down az 4 the bunkers
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