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  1. I wont be attending sorry friends, i'm skipping town for the day
  2. Top cunt, chuuuur. I will try my best to attend friends, unfortunately I have a few things going on at the moment so airsoft is sort of on the back burner, rest assured I haven't forgotten about you all though.
  3. I have had an old DAC member, Tristan, contact me requesting a club gun for the day
  4. Sorry friends I wont be able to attend, I will be getting my cock banged in Bangkok
  5. That's a big yesticles from me, keen to take my car if required too.
  6. I'll sort it out friend, will contact you later in the week
  7. As advised earlier I will be out of town. Sorry.
  8. Sorry guys, i'm fox machine for the next few weekends, I wont be able to make this game and probably the next
  9. Yeah, top cunt for stepping up Jack, the games that I saw looked awesome. Great to see you again Nathan, even if it was only a fleeting catch up.
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