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  1. Ramon. Cut Off Date is May 1. Numbers limit atm is 80.
  2. Unfortunately we won't be able to provide patches. Our apologies for getting your hopes up.
  3. Original post updated with further detail.
  4. Previous restrictions have been around 60ish. It's mostly dependant on whether we're using the site for accomodation, what facilities we need to provide, and how many days we're on site. We should have some more information after this weekend.
  5. Day of Chaos - 10 May 2014 The CHAOS BUG has made our city a ruin beneath a seething mass of howling humanity. it has turned almost all of them into murderous ramapaging animals before the bug consumes them. We've fought valiantly for control - knowing that we couldn't leave this mess for future Cadet Judges to handle. Our numbers have dwindled, decimated by this unending carnage... And now... Any hope we had goes up in smoke. The Academy of law destroyed, taken out in a single coordinated attack. Damn those East Meg sleeper agents. Who knows if any of those cadets survived? What hope is there if we're the only Judges remaining? Cadet Judge Hennessey was right. We're doomed. I saw it in her cold "i told you so" look moments before that piece of crudd Skullbird ganger put a Judge Killer slug through the back of her helmet. It didn't think it would be so bad. I was wrong. It's so much worse.... and yet I cannot turn my back on this city... While I still live, Mega City One lives.... I AM THE LAW! I AM... ...JUDGE DREDD EVENT DETAILS ATTENDANCE RESTRICTIONS: All attendees must be 18 or over. Special exemptions may be considered on a case by case basis. AHB Management reserves the right to refuse entry to this event for any reason. WHEN: 10:00am Saturday 10 May to approximately 10:00pm. The Infirmary gates will be open from approximately 9:30am Saturday WHERE: The Infirmary (Waipukurau Hospital). The site is gated with space for vehicles inside the complex. WHAT TO BRING: Airsoft guns and gear (Ensure you have 0.2g BBs, a limited amount may be available for purchase) Food and Drink (Takeaway meals are available within walking distance of the site) A brightly coloured Bandanna (Any colour but not RED/BROWN/GREEN). This will be used to denote which faction you're playing for (worn around the head for one faction, around the left arm for the other). A Red Killrag (Separate from your Bandanna) HOW MUCH: $30 Event Fee. SITE RULES Safety: Certified safety goggles or other certified eye protection must be worn at all times in the field of play. All weapons must be rendered safe when in any designated safe zone. During CQB, Full face protection is recommended. Only 0.2g BBs or lighter, are to be used in all weapons for this event. A Red Killrag must be used when hit, to minimise additional hits. All instructions by Airsoft Hawkes Bay directing staff must be followed at all times. Standard Energy/FPS limits: 1.13 Joules (350 FPS on 0.2g BBs) Player Conduct: (D.B.A.D Rule) Airsoft is a sport requiring a high level of integrity, honesty, and sportsmanship. As such we have implemented a "Don't be a Dick" rule. This rule should be fairly self-explanatory. Basically, in any situation where there is doubt about whether you are hit, it's always better to take the hit. By the same token, if you're the shooter - be quick to give the benefit of the doubt to the other player. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for all those interested in Airsoft. SCENARIO SPECIFIC RULES Hit Rules: Any hit to the body, limbs, or head is considered a kill. Hits to the gun being held by the player are ignored and play continues without pause. Call yourself hit when hit. If in doubt, call yourself hit to be safe. Make sure you yell hit, place your hit rag on your head/gun and where possible act out your death loud enough so everyone knows you’re hit. A Bang Kill/Freeze Kill rule will not be enforced, but DBAD still applies (Lighting someone up unnecessarily at close range is Being A Dick). When hit please remain in place for 180 seconds with your Killrag on your head before heading to your respawn area. This will allow kill/capture based objectives to be completed properly. After 180 seconds you can call yourself "Bled Out" and cannot interact with other players until you respawnKnife Kills: If you can sneak up on someone and tap them on the shoulder before they know you’re there, that is a “knife kill” and they are hit. This is a very rare move and is highly commendable.Grenade Kills: Grenade kills will only occur in enclosed spaces with no easy exits. Stairwell grenade kills will not occur unless a person is clearly within a confined space with the grenade when it goes off. BB Throwing Grenades (Tornados) count as other normal weapons - BB hit = a Hit taken PARTICIPANTS At this stage the site limit for participants is 60 (depending on AHB Attendees we may be able to increase this) * * * More details to come. Some of these rules are subject to change, so keep checking. NB. We're still sorting out what accommodation options will be available for those travelling to Hawkes Bay Friday and leaving Sunday.
  6. Information regarding the rumored "patches" available soon.
  7. Apologies for the belated thread regarding Nationals T-Shirts. We've had the design finalised, and printing sorted. Here's the design: Available in the following options: Tan or Military Green Sizes Small to 3XL (Chaos is providing the T-Shirts same as previous Nationals) To place an order please provide the following information in your post: Forum Name, Number, Colour, Size eg. Eightball, 1, OD, XXL Buelly, 2, Tan, Small Payment: Shirts $20 + $5 Freight When making a payment please deposit into the following account: Payment Details: Please make all payments into the following account: Bank: Kiwibank A/C Name: Airsoft HB A/C Number: 38-9010-0535181-00 Please use your FORUMNAME + SHIRT as reference. Following your payment, PM Beejay ORDER AND PAYMENT CUTOFF - FRIDAY 28 FEBRUARY
  8. Yeah, it sucked they took a paying gig over us :/
  9. Amos. 1. If I wasn't unwell, with other priorities over the last months, I would have been more active in updating the first post of each of the ones I had started, relating to Nationals. Torak already acknowledged we could have done better in that regard, which is essentially protecting me, because i was the one that should have updated those posts. 2. If my son wasn't in Hospital friday night/saturday morning, perhaps I would have answered your demands for event information that you texted me on my phone several times, but frankly you weren't at the forefront of my concern. To summarise: shit happens! Unfortunately you got caught looking up with your mouth open. The specific sequence of events that caused you personally to have a lousy time can be directly attributed to me. I'm sorry, but ripping into my club mates is probably a bit unfair... ...It's my shit you had to eat. While it might smell like sunshine, I guess it didn't taste like it. :-p
  10. EightBall

    Block Wars

    We're working on it... among other things.
  11. Saturday game will be using the agreed National FPS rules Gaming on that day is not at our CQB site. There won't be any cost difference for single day gamers/partial day gamers at this time.
  12. We are now taking registrations for the 2014 ASNZ Nationals. Please post up your Squad details HERE Squads must be 6 people. Squads may be made up of people from more than 1 club, but must represent only one club. To represent a club the squad must contain at least 2 people from that club. You may not substitute players during the day. Entry fee is $80 per person. Last day for sign ups. 24th January 2014 Last day for payment. 25th January 2014 What your entry fee covers. Camp site Accommodation, Thursday-Sunday Participants need to supply a tent, campervan or caravan to sleep in, as well as any sleeping equipment, any food apart from the Saturday evening meal and cooking equipment. There will be a couple of BBQ's available for those that require them. Site has power, toilets and hot showers. The nearest shops are a 10 minute drive away in Waipawa. CQB Competition Day, Friday 7th February This is the competition day for squads of 6 at The Infirmary. Each squad will play in a MINIMUM of 8 events. All weapons must be 350fps or less and use 0.20g BBs only, no other weights are allowed. It is recommended participants wear full face protection and as much personal protection as you feel you will need. In a couple of situations you will be engaged at ranges of less than five meters, consider finger protection. . Greenrole all day game, Saturday 8th All squads will be assigned to one of two opposing forces for the day and will receive mission orders from their force commanders. Prize-giving, Saturday evening You will get to enjoy a catered three course meal, served at the camp site. A live band will play after the prize-giving to entertain. There will be an arena (with marshals) set up at the site for any pick up games or grudge matches. Friday and Saturday night there will be a cash bar running. Please no BYO No one who is drinking will be allowed to take part in any Arena Airsoft. Payment Details Please make all payments into the following account: Bank: Kiwibank A/C Name: Airsoft HB A/C Number: 38-9010-0535181-00 Please use your ASNZ forum name as reference and NAT2014 as particulars. Following your payment, please PM Beejay
  13. Please register your attendance at the ASNZ Nationals 2014 below. If you are registering as an individual please provide your name and the name of the club you're from. Even if your team is already registered you will still need to advise your individual attendence. To register a team, please advise the Team Name, Represented Club, Team Leader (For management purposes) and additional members Team Registration: 1 – Sons of Perdition – ASA – J0ker – Hawkeye, Preacher, Widowmaker, Kaos, iNk 2 – ASA ALPHA – ASA – Hendrix – thenightguy, xarden, Jaxx, Carbine, Chochocho88 3 – ASA BRAVO – ASA – Heathen – rich, cyn, nzg3n3, offcutter, Punisher 4 – ASA CHARLIE – ASA – Blaze – W44tbix, killjoy, S45squatch, Aidan Mc, Kimoc 5 – The A Team – TAR – Papa Bear – James, Strategos, Login2Clarke, Bwana, Nomad 6 – Alpha elite – TAR – Luke – Choc, Rabbit, 1tonne, Sgt Tim, Jc ohope 7 – Red D – PAC – Wolf (Bailey) – Fraser, Iceman, Gremlin (Scotty), Cookie Monster, Shrimp 8 – The Damned – WMA – Nighthawk – Jangothemuss, Iroquois47,***, KilaTZ, Weber 9 – RUB 1 – RUB – SPITFIRE – WHITE LION, DESERT WARRIOR, MOVMAN, AARON, PILCROW 10 – RUB2 – RUB – KILLAE – EVT, TIM, JACOB, STUART, LYLE 11 – RUB3 – RUB – GARY – ALEX, CHEY, CONNOR, ANGUS, Master 12 – Hydra – NAC – Zimmer – Parabellum, Quade, Druss, Morgan Black, Snake Eyes Individual Registration: W0rmy – WAR Rvp69 – ASA Chopper – ASA K/bar – PAC Old Bastard – PAC Sprocket657 – MMS Amoki – MMS XtristankX – WAB Morbids Angel – TAR Geoff – TAR Maniteerulz – TAR Wolverinenz – WMA Muel – WMA HeMeK – WMA Salamibarrel – RUB Cuppa – SWAT Kracken – SWAT Logi-Bear – SWAT Delta66 – SWAT
  14. A final reminder for all those attending. You will need to bring a Bandanna (Able to be tied around your head or arm). It mustn't be RED to avoid confusion with kill rags - Any other colour will do.
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