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  1. awesome!!! Thanks heaps for that!! Going to sign up now!
  2. Hey guys, Yea, been searching and reading lots...starting to go cross-eyed lol. Def keen to come along to a game and see what its like and try out the guns and stuff before I buy one. Next search i do...when and where is the next game and who do I contact lol
  3. Hey all, Been looking around the site as a guest for a while and thought I had better sign up. Really keen to get into the games, looks like you guys have a hell of a lot of fun! Still need to sign up to a club and come out to view a game sometime too. Ill try not to ask the usual questions like "what should I buy"....but ill apologize now in advance for any dumb questions I ask lol. Names Matt, live in Manurewa, used to be into BB's 15 odd years ago, and just ran out of time. Never really lost interest, but just never had anyone else that could be bothered doing anything and I guess I just fell away from it lol. Oh yea, and always been into the usual CS and other such games!! But as above, really keen to get back into it and have some fun and meet some of you guys! Guess my next mish will be to find the closest club and sign up. Any hints, tips, suggestions very welcome! Cheers Matt
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