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  1. Can we get this locked please? Kiwi, in the future take your trades (esp with non club affiliated peeps) to the buy/sell section and if unavaialbe via PM ONLY please. Ta R3CON
  2. Primo bro. Looks great. When can you guys do my truck? lol
  3. Where is my double facepalm picture? Why dont we leave it like this. Is any other club in NZ willing and able to host the 2014 Nats? Please only respond if you are interested in Hosting Nats. For those of you who can contact your primary Reps, and they havent posted. Please do so asap. This is why the thread has been posted in an area ALL ASNZ members can see. I am sorry putting a deadline on alternatives has offended certain individuals and yet again has turned something positive into a drawn out soul crushing yawn fest. The aim of deadlines is to gain momentum within our organisation rather than have pointless oneupmanship to prove to everyone they are right. Bottomline, if you are an ASNZ affiliated club member and you want to hold Nats next year. Get hold of your Rep. Post up....please.
  4. We can hold off for AGM if required. I cant see anyone else putting their hands up though. So clubs please register your interest in hosting by the 5th of April 2013. Gives you all another week. If nobody else wants to host then I cant see the point in discussing it as an agenda item.
  5. Move to Napier....and ask them to start a f**kin JB-HIFI here!!
  6. As always guys, a game is as good as the players that attend it. Thanks all again for bringing a great attitude and spirit.
  7. Great stuff Grem. You handled yourself like a pro. As did everyone today. Great times had by everyone. Cheers
  8. HBA has folded back into AHB again. We are one happy family Sign up to the AHB forums and post up Ronin. We can start making arrangements. Ta R3CON
  9. Just a reminder. If you are under 18 and plan to attend, hassle your Rep to square it away with us PRIOR to the game day.
  10. Good stuff everyone. Gremlin get your rep to get hold of me directly. MArcel your guy is fine (I believe he attended last time)
  11. Hi all, We are running a day game down at the "infirmary" our CQB former hospital. Who: All ASNZ affiliated clubs are welcome to attend. If you have members under 18 wishing to attend, please get hold of either EightBall, BJ or myself. Where: The Former Waipukurau Hospital (51 Porangahau Road, Waipuk, HB) When: 09/03/2013 Be onsite and geared up by 10:30am ready for chrono inspection AHB CQB ROE: Please note that the infirmary runs the following restrictions: 350 FPS max (measured on 0.20g beebs, hop units are also tested) no engagement distances 0.20g beebs on site only Our standard DBAD rules also apply. Scenarios: TBA
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