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  1. working through getting a new version applied soon will ask for feed back once this is done
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  3. Overview: Vid Na More: Retaliation is a non-stop, 24 hour CQB MilSim set in the fictional city-state of Hokistan. Date: 18th to 20th of August 2018 Location: Hokitika, New Zealand Price: Entry fee is $110 or $125 for those players who don't have a Tourniquet from last year. Accommodation: is available for players coming down the night before at $20 a head Rules: VID NA MORE RULES.pdf HDF and US Forces Multicam with AR variant only ATACS OG US Woodland Desert and Woodland MARPAT UCP UK DPM, DDPM and Multicam variants NZ DPM Auscam and variants 3 colour desert Tigerstripe and variants HDF force weapons are fairly open due to the non professional bearing of the HDF. US forces are limited to those used by the US. RUSEUR Federation Multicam with AK variant only Any RU issue camouflage pattern excluding those worn by the HDF/US team Flektarn Camouflage Europe Centrale Black Tan Oddball Euro patterns AK variants, G36 variants and any other EU specific weapons
  4. what gear would u need to be able to attend this event?
  5. Will be a mix of quick games with one or 2 longer games We are war gaming a few at the moment, we hope to post Thursdays and Fridays games in the coming week
  6. 10th Hokitka Battlefest 3-days of CQB 15-18/03/18 This will be our 10th Hokitka Battlefest and it will be 3 days of Pure Battlefest! Book you're flights, Ferrys, Vans and Busses to make sure you will attend! More info to Follow after admin team has been set up, and if you wish to help out with planning games or keeping the players on time please post here! Update #1 04/01/2018 The TIMELINE is here! AND REGISTRATION games are still getting planned but the first game as always will be a BIG VC across the whole site! i have attached a Photo outlining the playing field. Please Reg here! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1o-fwPS7sn_YtWaW7rNGHZnEEp-LVpccHXF6OWPXBoGY Player Timeline Thursday 15/03/18 1200 Players at Chch depart 1600-1700 Players start to arrive and unpack 1700-1800 Unpack/Chrono guns/get waivers filled in 1800-1900 Safety Briefing 1900 till Late VC Trail (escort VIP) Full Site! Friday 16/03/18 0700-0900 Breakfast 0900-1200 TBA 1200-1300 Lunch 1300-1800 TBA 1800-1900 Dinner 1900 till Late TBA Saturday 17/03/18 0700-0900 Breakfast 0900-1200 TBA 1200-1300 Lunch 1300-1800 TBA 1800-1900 Dinner 1900 till Late TBA Sunday 18/03/18 0700-0900 Breakfast 0900-1100 Clean and packup 1200 Depart Site Paid List Forum Name Real Name Stag Gordon Rogers Wasp Torak Ben McMillan Joe Joe and Tanya Fraser Viruz David Noble JonnyD J Dooley Mdav Davidson M L Bob MISS S J ROUSE GI Adams J C & Wad Dajaker J B THOMPSON Giftie DAVIDSON MATTHE Pound Mark Stirling Ivee Trudy Stirling Mitchell Leaman Meanest Marc Watters Uno Marsden W Steak Joshua Dobby Lucky_Sevens T Winder Malcolm Malcolm Gough Lynx Max Lynam Slim SlimWithFood Cherry AL Macgyver BANKS G N shane wilson Cake CAKE HENRY THEO Peanut Travis Skullking Jenkins T M Label Omen Dallo Kurt Holsted Lethal LEIGH BECKER Deep Eyes Inksmith Thesen J A I bowmer Fumbles Dingo PLIM KEELAN Kiev HUNG CHI-FU Rafen Malvin Howey Wuster Kairau W A Jager Ben Edwards Mad dog keegs CRAWFORD K C spicymchaggess Stuart Eaton WingWing YUJC Valox Jeff Hawes Dirka R Agnew Wookie J Marshall
  7. Just some of the extra buildings we will have access to for this event only
  8. I will ask the question
  9. until
    кризис с видом на море (VID NA MORE CRISIS) Background: Seaview is a coastal town located in what is now known as the contested zone in the nation of Hokistan. Hokistan gained autonomy after the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 but remained firmly under Russian influence. As the global resource crisis peaked in the second decade of the 21st century previously untapped oil reserves became hotly contested. Rusoil initially gained exclusive rights to once looked over reserves of Hokistan. In 2015 an American backed insurgency managed to destabilise the largest oil producing region “Seaview” to the point that the Hokistani government lost control and the UN was forced to intervene and enforce a ceasefire. A de jure Government for the autonomous zone granted Excelsior exclusive access to its oil rights. The UN is obliged to respect both corporations’ interests under the TGP Agreement. Rusoil and Excelsior have both employed private security companies to secure their interests in Seaview. Situation: Employees of G4D or RSS Group are charged with securing Pipeline Monitoring Stations to ensure continued flow of crude oil to their respective employer’s reservoirs. As part of this they are expected to secure the surrounding area and hinder their opposition’s ability to operate whenever possible. Each PMC will be paid via wire transfer for each barrel successfully delivered and a bonus may be paid for any subsequent actions required by the employer. Due to the UN enforced ceasefire delivery of small arms, munitions and other logistics is unable to be maintained through the client’s logistics operations. All PMC are to source logistics locally after deployment into the contested zone. Medical support will be provided by the teams own resources. Key points - Players will have the option to play in squads of five with G4D (US/UK/Commonwealth uniform) or RSS Group (RU/EU uniform). - Commanders will be handpicked by the event staff. - Commanders will be responsible for commanding their team, meeting objectives and maintaining the logistics for their team to win. - There will be no bases, teams will sleep and eat (if they can) in the buildings they can hold.
  10. This is the 2nd installment in the great battle for Hokistan. Event info: Date:18-20/08/2017 24+hrs of milsim CQB Index: Background Overview Registration Cost Breakdown Commanders Rules Facebook Event