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  1. Anyone keen on a game or two here in the nui? I have access to a field that some of you may all ready have been to. I'd like to set up something structured group wise and have regular events, even once or twice a week if attendance permits. We don't need a helluva lot of people to attend to start with really, but if you're keen and know people who might want to give airsoft a go, or are looking to get back into it, get in touch. 0225915679 or email [email protected] with a relevant subject line. Cheers! Roger
  2. All right, y'all. We're on probation here now as Wanganui Airsoft Battalion and have our own section. If any new players from Wanganui or surrounds are keen on joining call or txt me, Roger Whiteside on 0221825352 at a suitable hour and i'll give you the low down on the club and our activities! operation first contact was a success! more games to come! Part of our club games weekly to fortnightly depending on weather and availability so keep sn eye on the WAB events thread for game dates and times! Exciting year ahead!
  3. Also, it looks like we have around 22 players keen to game in Wanganui in the new club. We're trying to come up with a name other than the pirate one (I think it's a bit stupid too, it was just a reference to the rugby team when i thought of it). If you guys haven't done so all ready, head over to Wanganui Airsoft Pirates page on facebook to keep up to date on news etc. Probably will have more regularly updated news there.
  4. cool. All right then, I'll go and clear that frikkin' bush out Thomas Waight then I'm working ojn getting a feild of my own similar to Mikey's now too, or maybe starting a proper airsoft/paintball arena business here. Let's see how we go!
  5. thanks for all your interest guys. So far we have three esxpressions of interest (including myself, delta2, and tristan) Once up and running, you TAR lads would be welcome whenever you're free! and necro, you a douche. . . JUST KIDDING! lol
  6. yea, just been spending some time researching. Cheap as really. Might get a few, if I can sell some stuff. I really wanna get something going here in wangas. It would take off, I'm sure, so many young fullahs with jack to do.
  7. hey. Do they have hi-cap mags? I remember a couple of years ago you sent me a link to a site that sells them and they only had low cap mags. They WERE cheap though, which was a real draw card.
  8. Hi Panzer. Good stuff. Just getting all the early nuts and bolts organised and then we'll be gaming regular as, hopefully.
  9. Hey everyone, Anyone keen to join a club starting up in Wanganui, PM me or contact me on 027 95 33383 or email me here [email protected] We have a couple of fields available for gaming in and around Wangas but need more people to start gaming. Anyone over 18 years old is welcome or you can be 16-17 years old with a valid firearms license. We'll be getting formal membership as a club with ASNZ.CO.NZ as soon as we have a working club. For those of you that caught up with me in 2011 and 2012 when i tried getting this underway, I now have a weapon and a vehicle of my own and if you also have transport and a weapon of your own, that is awesome. Please feel free to contact me at almost any time of the day!
  10. hey Sprocket, are those Wanganui fields the ones I found? if not, there are prime pickings for game areas in a number of places. I think i sent you a link to the club site I was trying to set up with the map to the fields a while ago. still have aerial shots of all places. (thanks to the Wangas Council official who helped me) There's even permission to build semi permanent bases/fortifications!!
  11. Could make for some good footage too I reckon. Add a bit of editing (cybernetic skull under bits of flying off skin or something, like on the movie)
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