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  1. Late to the party - but that is one damn fine effort there. How many (hundreds) of hours did you spend on it? And by the level of detail, did you have a uh... something to work off?
  2. Do you have anything other than heresay on that? *edit* just realised.. that story you relate would more likely have been in relation to one of the old ex-army L1A1 rifles.... a switch of selector, simple enough to do blindfolded, makes them go FA as per original design. The only thing making them semi was the selector. A number of these have had the selector modifed to make it unremoveable. An AR is a whole different kettle of fish in design, and redneck modifications (read simple mods, the kind discussed by simple people over beer) will allow only allow the hammer to ride home on the back of the bolt. It wont result in a discharge, unless youve made yourself some super sensitive ammo with extremely soft primers... and if you do that you that youre asking for all kinds of trouble.... NB: ALL hunting rifles have military rifles in their ancestry. Musket, single shot, bolt action...... today its derived from a 60 year old semi auto design thats inherently accurate, lightweight and versatile.
  3. Kinder-corps?? Think you have that mixed up...
  4. The vid is pretty serious but having seen them in person yesterday i have to say again, brilliant job!
  5. -_^ Out of idle curiosity how much did the barrel cost, and did vulcan fit and headspace the barrel?
  6. Mikie

    Upcoming Games?

    Will do! We try and have one game a month if possible.
  7. ^ Some happy memories of days out with the beach buggies in that area too. great fun. To OP, if i can be of help, let me know. I think the word 'armourer' is a bit wanky, but i know a little bit about how SEGs work. Gas guns ive never got into for the simple reason i havent bothered.
  8. All you need is a mild mechanical bent, basic knowledge of electrickery and a nice dose of patience. If you have those you can almost teach yourself everything you need to know, just pull it aspart and see how it works. If you dont have mechanical tendencies then dont try! If you want someone to guide you the first time round then i can spare a night sometime
  9. Bugger, only just noticed this. Have fun, i'll be prepared next time.
  10. Nice! Very clever yet simple. Hope you dont kind more copies! Could also set the clocks at 10 minutes to 12, with a siren set to go off when one or other hits midnight.
  11. That mosin is a nice piece of work .. in some ways it is a shame to demill a historic gun but you bought it, its yours, and theres enough to go round for anyone that wants one to keep in original condition. I collect and have got 18 of them from memory, and im not disapproving Its living on and will be treasured and admired. Unlike many of thems in those crates of .303s that were released to be sadlu hacked up and used as cheap deer rifles a few decades back. Just a note on these... unissued would be exceedingly rare. The ones coming out of the warehouses today have been refurbished, in the 1950s-1970s by most accounts, along with all the other various weapons being sold on the markets at the moment like the ppsh-41s, pps-43, tokarevs and the like. Theyve all seen service in some capacity, although that history has been roughly erased with a linishing belt and a thick layer of shellac.
  12. Tentative starter here. BTW, TR is getting very overgrown - lots of grass, blackbery and cover.
  13. +1 Cheers to the organisers - was fantastic day all round, and brilliant venue.
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