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  1. Just a note. About 3 months ago I had a kill streak were I shot somewhere between 80-120 enemies. Lost count but I was shooting a target every 20-30 seconds and I kept this up for about 40 minutes.
  2. Wow. For some reason I have never seen this thread. Makes me more motivated to win the sniper comp. Good on you Zimmer for putting this up. It needs to be mentioned each time the nationals are on. It would make more people want the trophies.
  3. So when are these coming on the market and how much? Keen!!!!
  4. So if I want to come to the whole thing with prizes, the total cost would be $150.00? Game fee ($100.00) + Milsim fee ($50.00). Is this correct?
  5. Can the Airsoft Direct category please be moved to the TAR club section as it is in the TAH section currently. Airsoft Direct is based in Taranaki not Taupo. Thanks http://asnz.nz/forums/forum/222-tah/
  6. I lost my dignity when I stuffed up in the pistol shoot. Has anyone from NAC found it?
  7. Thanks to all of NAC for such a well organised Nats. It was great. I can't remember such a fun Nats. It will be one I remember for a very long time. GREAT BEACH LANDING. AWESOME.
  8. In the CQB, can we use 0.25gm bb's as long as they gun does not fire over 1.13 joules (Hopup set)? Or are we stuck with 0.2gm bb's?
  9. I am keen on one. Be great if we could have a different colour for once instead of green or tan. I have enough of those colours from other Nats.
  10. Can you please let us know if we are allowed a sniper rifle firing up to 3.33 joules? (the equivalent to 600fps on 0.2gm bb's.) This might be helpful: http://www.asiaairsoft.com/index_topic.php?did=23&didpath=/23 I would like to tune my rifle to the correct rating.
  11. It's on alright! NAC should print RUB's name on the second place trophy so it's ready for them.
  12. Cool. We then know that TAR will come first and Rub will be second.
  13. In the Day 1 CQB thread it says: "• CQB day is limited to 350FPS on .2g BBs or 1.13joules. (except for event #5, DMR target shoot) • Guns will be chrono’ed with hop set and using BBs that will be used in the gun during the day. And tagged with a coloured tie." Does mean that they will be chronoed with 0.2gm or the actual weight that will be used on the field? It seems to be worded as though you are going to chrono with both the 0.2gm bb and also the weight that will be used in the field.
  14. I just jumped on my computer to make the same thread. Anyway, a big thanks to the members of ASA and to all who made it happen. It was the best Nationals I have been to. I really enjoyed the CQB as it was well setup (thanks Hendrix). The Full Day Milsim field was awesome and was great for snipers. I also thought the addition of the sniper competition was a good idea too. So a big thanks to you guys
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