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  1. Was a great day, and a real buzz to have an event like this in NZ. Looking forward to the next one. Been an airsoft dream of mine for 26 years!
  2. Every member of my family out to 2nd cousins gets an Airsoft gun on their 8th birthday & taught how to use it safely. And anyone that has fought my brothers will vouch for the natural skills embued with that tradition. Times are changing though. Only a year & a bit ago, no one would let young folk play, now heaps of clubs are heading that way. Just needed someone to stand up & make it work
  3. Had a drule over the Nagant last Sunday. Was very impressed.
  4. I'd bet on those odds, we are sending our best.
  5. I better dust of the personal defence weapon, aka K98 me thinks Should be a rule against picking on the old guys Its like targeting officers I am sure.
  6. Sorry, we have to run a game for our younger members who cant attend nats, plus our new Armageddon display recruits. Very, very few SA comming to nats, most prefering to lay low & avoid further issues after the recent problems down here, so shouldn't dent nats numbers wise.
  7. Is this in relation to a game? Or just a go do outside of the games on Monday?
  8. Can I have age restrictions for my lads please.
  9. ADLER


    Dont forget Daylight savings ends Sunday 4 April 2010 (when clocks go back one hour) 2am http://www.dia.govt.nz/diawebsite.nsf/wpg_URL/Services-Daylight-Saving-Index
  10. Someone told one of my lads it was for affiliated clubs only, is this true?
  11. Reaper, you can get all that for about $1000. I can hook you up with the contacts. I might even have a 44 dot uniform here thats fits. Plus a spare MP44 in a few months.
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