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  1. No one reads these forums anymore. But still - last VC game got 52 revives as medic. Think thats the highest in the club so far.
  2. Hey guys Cellus put this one the Facebook, but then I thought most of you oldies are on the forums. So take a couple of minutes and do this for Cellus. So we can make TAR a better place for airsofters everywhere. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QZTHNBS Much love. Josh
  3. Chipped. Not to bad though so its all good. The Road block game just needs the respawn ironed out more.
  4. Jono is wearing a vest. Why? I thought he hated vest's.
  5. I'm not going until Kutirs learns what a full stop is.
  6. Haha I'm pretty sure both teams loved it. If this game was anything to go by summer is going to be amazing 38 airsofters! WOW
  7. 1Tonne would melt, he's so sweet. He's basically my sugar. Whoops I said that out loud...my bad.
  8. Kurtis I think I love you. Like actual.
  9. Ha. I thought drying my own gear sucked...
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