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  1. RuBcore also very active in Wellington, give me a PM if your interested!
  2. Cheers everyone who was replied so far, we will keep an eye out. The land owner of Aces high has not alerted us to anything found at this stage, and we plan a trip into Tangimoana Forest shortly so we will keep an eye out and re-scout the waypoint routes used for the milsim day. Chances are high your gear has accidentally gone home with someone else, so unpack your kit and vehicles and make sure you haven't ended up with something random.
  3. Post up here if you have misplaced or found something that isn't yours and we will do our best to locate and return.
  4. Hi fullAuto the cutoff for the milsim day is the 20th of Jan
  5. Hey Valox i can look into that for you, can you please pm me all info regarding your registration, how much you paid, what reference you used etc. Cheers.
  6. Hey NZdude! CYMA's are great for beginners in my opinion, there internals are dope and you get good stock performance out the box! However, they do seem to wear down fairly quickly, you are right to worry about the age! External wise, CYMAs are generally built with Plastic and wood, furniture depending, I have seen people fall over on the field and severely damage there CYMA. Get out for a few more games with your local club, and if you still feel like the AK74U is your jam, Consider saving that bit extra and purchase yourself a LCT or E&L brand AK, they are the business, Internally, and Externally. Hope that helps man!
  7. Cheers Joker, anyone else from FNA planning on joining you? You are the only one registered so far. Have missed the competitive day cut off.
  8. Hey Nato246, good question and not something i originally considered, as we are getting a lot of interest in the Milsim Day, im happy to set Registration for that day only to January the 20th. Unfortunately if you leave it this late to register, you wont be able to attend the prize-giving dinner, as we have to get numbers in for that ASAP. Cheers.
  9. No. The total would be $100 "The event fee for 2017 Nationals is $100 per person. This covers our field fee for both zones (portaloo hireage, generator etc) and a prize-giving/meal on the Sunday . " If you are only PLAYING on the milsim day, not registered with a squad for the competition day, and want to attend the prizegiving You should be paying $50. If you only want to come to the Milsim day, and not attend Prizegiving then you only have to pay $20!
  10. Wed prefer it if you just did all your pers in one go before the deadline. But just make sure you let us know what reference you used in your PM, youl go on the register and wel make sure you get put together on the milsim day.
  11. Please just register yourself, let us know that you are coming just for the milsim day, your callsign, and what club you are in, if you want to attend prizegiving etc, PM this info after payment to Spitfire to be put on the register as mentioned above.
  12. Hey Jawa, There are no boundaries on Equipment for the Milsim day, ALL ASNZ squads will be playing as Blufor, Enemy party is played by Rubcore to fit with the mission and we will have red armbands. Regarding camo for blufor there are no boundaries, it would be awesome if you guys showed up in US style gear though, for the immersion! Full auto, as much ammo as physics will allow. The squads will be comprised of two 6-8 man "fireteams" slightly bending USMC format for the sake of the mission. Each squad will be made of two registered teams, if you field two teams, youl hopefully be put in the same squad. Each team will have to put forward a Squad Leader and a Medic, this will be handled at the briefing, on Day 1. Hope that clears up your questions.
  13. Must be because you arent linked to a club on here.
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