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  1. Hi Mikie. Not sure hour many actual hours making it, alot over a two year period. Keep in mine That includes modeling it in Designspark Mechanical and learning how to use the machinery at the Halswell Mens Shed. The flat parts where taken from the 3D model and laser cut, then glued and riveted together. The rest I made on the lathe and mill.
  2. Thanks, I like them using real rates of fire.
  3. The gun is made of Aluminium It has an airsoft 650mm barrel, with a modified hopup. HPA powered through a computer controlled custom built engine Rate of fire is 480 rpm Magazine holds 110 rounds. Electrics powered by a 12 volt 600 mAH battery in lower body. Initial testing on 75 - 80 psi, has it shooting at 1.38 joules, firing .4's and was firing 60 metres +. With .25's, they were over hopping with the no hop on, have been told a softer bucking may solve that. Firing hot so with turning and lighter BBs should get it down to safe levels Bren Strip and dry fire.mp4
  4. I am working on the cost for a Sten, will let you know. I wiil have to hope AGM come back online
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    This was a Test, I did not realise it had posted. Could a moderator please delete this thread.
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    MP3008 custom Shell. As in the Heading, I am selling the MP3008 I made, to get funds for other projects. The sale is for the MP3008 shell only, The gearbox, hopup and barrel are my test ones and have been knocked around, modified during the design of this and other guns, as such are not fit for sale. The buyer will need to supply an AGM MP40 gearbox,hopup and barrel. There is some minor modification needed on the gearbox, involving the removal of the spring loaded catch on the bottom of the gearbox, I am happy to do this or give details on how to do it. I am looking for $500.00
  7. Thanks for the comments, guys. I am planning to sell the MP3008 and are looking at making the Sten gun version if there is any interest.
  8. I had the same concerns as you Chaos. I looked at a lot of Lee enfields and did not buy because I did not want to destroy full wood, working gun. I tried to buy a deactivated Lee enfields off Trademe and from the U.S, Trademe to expensive and yanks would not export. The Mosin was from Reloaders Auckland. I look at it, as giving it another life.
  9. I have not played airsoft for over a year but are still keen on designing and building airsoft guns. Mosin Nagant, Real rifle brought on behalf of Snax by a local gunsmith, who removed the Action and bored out the barrel. Snax and I were able to shoot this rifle before it was converted. Original rifle was made in 1939 so may have seen action in WW2 It was Converted to airsoft by replacing the action with a KJW m700 action, hopup and inner barrel, alot of dremelling of the wood. The rifle has the KJW M700 10 round magazine permanently mounted in the stock and is loaded and gassed from the top. Performance is similar to the original M700 and appears to have made a name for itself as a sniper rifle at TAG. Lee Enfield 303 No1 Mk3. this gun was built the same way as the Mosin, part way through Gary ( the gunsmith ) thought we should use as much of the real gun as was legally possible. It took several months of searching to get the real parts, The wood and metal fitting came from Ebay, Gary provided the action which he lathed out to fit the M700 bolt and the magazine shell came from Trademe. The inside of the action was dremelled, ground and filed out to fit the Magazine and trigger of the M700 in. As with the Mosin Nagant the gas magazine is non removable and is loaded with a modified speed loader, I am looking at making 10 round clips to load the gun in a more realistic way. Performance, It took alot of work and frustration to line every thing up. It is now firing well but appears to have less power than the oridginal M700, this is not a problem as I am wanting to use it as standard rifle not a a sniper This was a difficult build and I may have been better making the same way as the Mosin. All through this project I checked with the Police arms officers in Christchurch to make sure that what I was doing is legal, they were really helpful. MP3008. This is a custom built all steel german version of the sten gun. The gun uses AGM MP40 internals and magazine and is designed to take a standard 8.4v battery, but has room for a custom 9.6v ( see mockup battery in the Photo). The bolt slides back so the hopup can be adjusted. The MP40 gearbox is slightly modified to make it fit. The gun need a light sand and a final coat of paint. Performance, Should be the same as the mp40, but not tested. The gearbox, hopup and barrel are my test ones, that I used to design my guns, so are not in the best of conditiion I have plans drawn to make a Sten mk2 using most of the parts from the MP3008. I would like to thank, Stof from the WW2 Airsoft UK forums who made a Lee Enfield using the M700 Gary from Talon Arms who help and encouraged me with all 3 projects. Much of the knowledge used on the MP3008 came from things learned making the Owen Gun and other projects with Blade Runner from TAG.
  10. Really great day, not sure the body can take though Thanks alot
  11. Wege good find. JC Ohope the first auction say he will ship Internationally and has some other stocks avaliable. Mikie, thats interesting, I will look into it when I find a gun. As far as the Action goes there is a gunsmith here in Christchurch who said he could make an Aluminium one for a resonable price. Gas seems to the way to go although I would prefer spring.
  12. Mikie, that about the price I was thinking. There is a deactorvated 1 on Trademe starting at $300 but I know the guy is wanting $475+. Please let me know when they come up. The police told me you cant own any part of the action modified or not. The above gun comes with a bayonet, I can have the bayonet but not the triger
  13. Thanks Nighthawk, but they are for a longtom and look sporterised. If you guys can keep a look out that would be great. The wood work is the most important part I am looking in Australia for one. I found a deactivated one at E-Guns in the U.S for $124.00 U.S but they wont export them, I would need some one in the states to buy it then ship it here. Police said I would need an import licence and a gun licence, my brother has a licence, so he would inport it and remove the Action ( the part I am not allowed) All of the one's I have read about use bar 10 internals and require a new magazine slot cut into the wood, I dont want to cut the wood. I want to use the real Mag which means It would have to be gas (KJW M700) because mag is in the right place. or Use a springer (Toystar/Tokyo Marui) m16 m4 and attach the bolt to the charging handle. The cylinder may be to big.
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