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  1. As far as I can see the rules have not been put up for discussion or debate, they are there so you know what you must comply with. People need to put their effort in to complying instead of complaining.
  2. Is anyone in WMA able to or going to reply to this? It is your club that is going to miss out.......
  3. Has someone from WMA got a larger copy of your club Avatar for inclusion in the calendar, the forum one is too small to come out clearly on the calendar so I need a larger version. I have tried to pm Nighthawk but have had no reply. Thanks
  4. I had reviewed lots of books in the Reviews section but had stopped because no one seemed to be taking any notice. I go through at least 1 non fiction book a week so there are plenty I could review if people wanted.
  5. This is the origonal post I put up that sparked the creation of the competative League, keep in mind it is a series of suggestions and ideas only. It was created to start discussion and create some feed back. -------------------------------------------------------------- Airsoft, a sport? We would far more readily be able to promote Airsoft if it was a sport and we would also be able to apply for funding and sponsorship and it would give us a more credible basis for negotiations with those officials in high places but unfortunately, in New Zealand, Airsoft is not a sport. It is missing any element of competition on a National, or even regional scale therefore, in my opinion, Airsoft in New Zealand is a hobby and not a sport. However I don't think it would be to hard to rectify that if the clubs had enough people who were willing to participate and put in the effort. What I propose are only my initial thinkings, they are a starting point for discussion and to gauge interest. A National League open to any paid up full ASNZ Club, it would be expected that all/most Clubs would participate otherwise there is little point. Due to the costs of travel the League be split into a Southern League and a Northern League with all South island clubs participating against each other and all North island clubs competing against each other. Each Club participates with one 6 person team, they need not be the same 6 people every time. Each Club pays $100 to register and take part in the League for the year. Each Club nominates one person to the National League committee, preferably your best event planners and Club organisers and not your politician type. The League has a separate area established for Committee members where the League is organised and run, all conducted diplomatically with perhaps the election of a League President to keep things in order and to make announcements etc. On current numbers the South island has CSG, DAC, NAC and TAG so if each club played each other twice they would play a total of 6 League events, 3 home events and 3 away events. Each Club would have a League event app every 2 months. On current numbers the North island has 232 Crew, AHB, AO, ASA, BK, LOD, PAC, RUB, WAC, and WAR so if each club played the other once they would play a total of 9 League events, 4 or 5 home or away events. Each Club would have a League event app every 5 weeks. The other way with the North island would be to split it into a Upper and Lower region with 232, AHB, PAC RUB and WAC playing each other twice, a total of 8 League events each, 4 home and 4 away. Also AO, ASA, BK, LOD and WAR would play each other twice, a total of 8 League events each, 4 home and 4 away. Each Club would have a League event app every six weeks. If the North island was split into upper and lower then at the completion of all League events there would be a regional final to determine the winning North island club. By the time this is ever put in place (if ever) there would of course be more probationary clubs who would be up to full status and be eligible to participate but this is on current numbers as of now (I don't think I missed anyone). If club numbers climbed then it could be reduced to playing each club only once. Once the Northern and Southern Finals have finished and winners found there is then a National Final. I have thought of a couple of ideas for this. You could combine it with the Nationals, perhaps the last half day or something. Or you could run a stand alone event with its location switching between North and South yearly, hosted by the Regional finalist in that island. The $100 per club that was paid to take part in the league (10 clubs x 10 = $1000) is given to the club that has to travel to the other island to take part. This is to cover their travel and accommodation ONLY and must be accounted for. Any remainder is returned to the League Committee. At the end a National Winner is declared who takes home a trophy which they engrave their name on and hold until they return it just prior to the next National final a year away. Of course their club gets bragging rights as being New Zealand's Champion Airsoft Club. The events used in the League between clubs would be varied but I think there should be a minimum of 5 separate scenarios played between clubs on the day they meet with either 2 or 3 being set events, planned and laid out by the League committee and used all across the country at every event. The remaining events are designed by the club to suit their field (CQB/Green etc) but must be submitted to the committee for approval and then made available to all League participants. Once approved by the Committee and made available they are not open for alteration or debate. Each of the 5 scenarios is either won, drawn or lost. A win is 3 points, a draw is 2 and a loss is 1 point. Therefore at the end of the day a Club could get 5 to 15 points towards their National total. If a Club defaults on an away game and can't go for any reason they score no points, their opponents score 10 If a Club defaults on a Home Game they score -5 points, their opponents score 10. With 8 events per North island team they could score a maximum of 120 points With 6 events per South island club they could score a maximum of 90 points. The highest scoring Club at the end is the winner, it means consistancy across the whole year. For the Final both clubs reset to 0 points and start equal. There is a enforced fps limit for all weapons used in the League regardless of a clubs individual limits, I would suggest 350 ish but not higher than 420 if people were unhappy with 350. The League also has set rules regarding hits etc. The Dates for ALL the events are set at the start of each year, everyone will be able to see where and who they are playing well in advance. These are first published and stay open for a short time to make any alterations necessary. (Some clubs may have something in particular planned in advance so League Dates can initially be changed) Because of set dates Clubs are expected to travel to or host and run an event on the date set for them or default. Repeated defaults result in dropping from the League with loss of $100 registration fee.. Clubs who agree between each other and request Committee approval can alter the date of their event if necessary and notice is given.
  6. It appears that all the working group areas have been cleaned out and no longer contain anything. Once again management going about making changes without informing people. Communication is a strong point as usual.
  7. There was set up (and it still exists) a working group and forum area for a ASNZ competative league. I tried to get discussion and planning going when i set this up but it went nowhere (I know you all find that hard to believe). I am still willing, with other keen hands, to assist in the planning and organising to get this up and going. I think if it is left to official ASNZ then it will go as far as it did last time.
  8. Well it looks great any way, I look forward to seeing it in person.
  9. It looks great, any possibility of mounting a torch in the old super soaker barrel? Just a thought.
  10. I have had a look at your account and can find no settings here that would be stopping you from accessing your profile, I would suggest that a setting on your pc is responsible although I do not know exactly what that would be.
  11. EasyGoer

    FAO Admin

    I have sent a email with a password reminder in it, you should be able to reset it. Please contact me when you have done so and I will delete the TheBauer2 profile.
  12. This was not on the agenda for the AGM and if I had not started this thread it would not have been, it is past the date for submitting items for the agenda for the AGM so therefore it should not be added. People push to follow the rules and do things how they say then want to change them to suit themselves. I would also suggest that if a club wants to be an active part of ASNZ then they need to be an active part of ASNZ, maybe thats just me. Anyway I give up, make up your minds what is going on and then tell everyone else, I can't be bothered with this bullshit.
  13. Who is not being given no chance to tender, I see a thread started here for just that or am I mistaken.6 Primary Reps (not counting W0rmy) and 5 Secondary Reps have already spoken up, plenty of opportunity for more to have their say if they choose to, no one is stopping anyone although there is 1 person trying to bring it all to a halt.
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