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  1. Ok sweet what time would be good for you lunchish
  2. hey everyone I need to ask a favour from someone. My car is in the panel beaters at the moment and I won't have it back in time for the long weekend. So I'm after a station wagon to use from tues arvo through till Monday arvo for myself and the misses and the dog and a shit load of gear. Can bring it back with a full tank of gas and clean and can offer a mazda 323 hatch to use while im away. Im in desperate need, thanks.
  3. looks like the stars have aligned and I can play tomorrow
  4. not judging a book by its cover just think they might be in need of guidance.
  5. that group was created on fb less than a month ago, they seem abit typical west coast peeps (kinda special), hahaha
  6. 1x pair of black dirty dog sunglasses, left on table at the prize giving dinner.
  7. lost or found something at Nationals post up here
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