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  1. What is the format for games, loads of smaller ones or a larger one on one day? Pretty keen to bring my lads down for this.
  2. First posts updated.
  3. Sorry for multitude of questions.. second day will it be a mix up or will clubs stay as a aquad on the chosen team?
  4. Also TNL freight deal, they are good with Weapons being transported?
  5. Questions, is there transport for out of town players that may be arriving via flying? If there is what would the costs be? If out of town players fly in will transport be available for all events etc (is there a chance they will have to find their own way to anything)
  6. Equipment list; Guns (consider a spare) Mags and ammo Radio Propane (need to grab some tanks) battery charger Radio charger Cooking equipment pot and pan and fry pan maybe incase Day pack for gear on the main day Civis for travelling in toileteries/towel etc SOCKS!!! Bedding ie sleeping bag
  7. List of Attendees; Nighthawk [paid] one day Kriegskampfer [paid] one day Tswiz [paid] both days ??? B.S [paid] one day Jules [paid] both days Liam [paid] both days Hannes [paid] one day Iraquis [paid] both days Robbie [paid] both days Julian, Liam, Vaughn and Robbie are Car one going down on Friday Darryl, Hannes, Michael and myself are Car two going down on Saturday WMA are defending as a squad We are staying at Maitai Valley motor camp Nelson
  8. WARNING ORDER: EX ASNZ Nationals 29 AUGUST 2015 GROUND: Nelson Region SITUATION: WMA will engage in combat simulation against other clubs from around the country CON OPS Ph 1: Transit to the AO by amphibious landing crafts and ground vehicles on 5/6th Feb 16 Ph 2: Conduct Activity, 6th/7th Feb 16 Ph 3: RTU/ Refurb, 8th Feb 16 - go home please. MISSION: WMA is to conduct simulated wargames for the purpose of fun and competion againts other known clubs form both the North and South Islands. The aim is to enjoy ourselves and put into practise our skills against other teams. KEY TIMINGS a. Individual battle prep to be conducted week in advance b. Travel to AO Fri 5th Feb 16 NLT 1600 c. Conduct Ex 6th/7th Feb 16 d. Return home: Mon 8th 16, NLT 1600hrs. For those attending CSS: a. Dress: FSMO (Pack & Webbing). CADPAT and chosen vest (black/tan) You must be able to carry everything you may need on your person while being combat effective; it's up to you as to how you get that done. Travelling will be done in Civilian clothing. b. Wpns: All weapons will be treated as live & dangerous. Please ensure you bring appropriate safety equipment. You are the QM of your own weapons. You must not be more than a single bound away from them at all times. c. Ammo: To be provided by yourself. Brin appropriate amounts d. Rats: ORP (Operational Ration Pack) for Ex, Will be sourced on ground prior to arrival at AO e. Tpt: Amphibious Transport by either Interislander or Blue Bridge, possible hire vehicles, number pending pers involved. Footnote: This is the basics, more details will be added as we go. IF YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTEND IN ANY CAPACITY PLEASE INFORM YOUR CADRE STAFF BY RETURN OF THIS MESSAGE This document was reviewed and is current as of 08/10/2015 POSTS
  9. Update on this? When can we expect a confirmation on this and a timeframe for delivery?
  10. Pretty good scene here, have plenty of clubs to choose from, if you want Wellington Milsim Airsoft on facebook has most of our details and its where we organize our games.
  11. Just a thought, this time around, if you provide maps for pers, can they be a bit bigger then what was provided last time. Topography was hard to read.
  12. The event will be aimed to be as inclusive as possible, in saying that it will not be a I need to go back to my car to get X item (unless its a life or death situation). People will be expected to live off what they have on them, so I guess that is inline with gravedigger and Op overnight. There will be a hierachy and people will be assigned rank for the event. Due to the nature of the area we use (Devils Playground) the engagements will be smaller. There will be an aspect of re-enactment to it I hope with participants having period appropriate kit and food. There will be objectives to achieve for both sides but will try and keep as simple as possible so as not to discourage people that have never tried a themed day. It is aimed at those that have an interest in that period but trying to be open and inviting to all clubs hence the invites.
  13. Be great to have the TAR boys out for this, let WMA know and we can sort accom for you when you are down!
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