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  1. Oh, that would be cool! Maybe I should put one of those on my trishot as well. Then one laser always points towards where each bb flies... Yeah, that's what I was thinking. What kind of optic do you think looks the coolest?
  2. VR16 Avalon is a great option if you can't afford a Umbrella Armories gun. Out of the box the avalon will outperform a LVOA (not too much, but it will). As sam said you can get better than him, but I think you meant you want a gun specifically that is better.
  3. I just got this new HK MP7 and love it! What should I do to it to make it look cool?
  4. The vfc avalon is the only stock gun that is better. Otherwise you'll have to be upgrading the internal parts.
  5. This is my current project, it is a lancer tactical multi mission carbine that I have polarstar jacked. It has a prometheus 6.05 in it with a prommy purple bucking that was flat hopped. A prowin chamber seals the deal, and with .32g elite force bbs I can hit 250+ feet. I love this gun!