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  1. Low power bolt and a quality optic are all I think you need for a while besides mags to get going
  2. That Avalon VR16 fits the bill perfectly, thanks for the tip. Haven't owned a vfc in a long time and they've stepped up their game since I owned their PDW
  3. cool, so the avalon is going to beat his krytac?
  4. My buddy recently got a new gun, it's a Krytac LVOA, and it kicks ass. I want a gun that will make his look like a toy. What would you recommend.
  5. loadout

    I'm a big fan of the mp7. Trying to find a TM one day.
  6. Haven't gotten my hands on the new Elite Force Glocks (yet) but wanted to know how they stack up against the we tech g-series that have been out for a while.
  7. loadout

    Maybe you just haven't found the right M4 then XD
  8. loadout

    Just found this, nice write up. Which do you like better for cqb? The m4 or smg? I'm yet to play cqb and am planning on changing that this year.