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  1. I’ve been looking on forums asking around for the HK416 by VFC and I was hoping to get some input before I buy the rifle. Anyone have the gun and can tell me about it? Thanks!
  2. https://modernairsoft.com/products/mp7a1-fps-reduction-low-power-bolt-assembly This is a must for CQB. Can't play without it
  3. Optic, Light, green laser. Damn thing is accurate. If you play CQB. CQB Bolt is a must
  4. Get the VFC HK416 or M27. Kicks hard ass
  5. Nah. I've never been into AR-15's because they are so mainstream. I'm just building one for shits and giggles. https://modernairsoft.com/collections/airsoft-electric-rifles-smgs/products/asg-sportline-armalite-m15-arms-sir-system-mod-2-m4-airsoft-aeg-rifle-black This gun but the pro edition (Better Externals and Internals) And I bought a short barrel and new hand guard. But my favorite compact is the MP7. https://modernairsoft.com/products/gg-umarex-mp7-rapid-deployment-hard-kick-airsoft
  6. https://modernairsoft.com/collections/airsoft-pistol-glock The Glock 17 and 19 are really good I recommend them to anyone in the game.
  7. For CQB I'm building an M4-SMG from an ASG gun I had. That is fun to make but doesn't have the trigger response like my ASG Scorpion 3A1. The KSG is the greatest thing for me to have in my hands. Hurts like a MOFO I prefer the Scorpion over the M4 just because it's snappy..er
  8. I was surprised to not see a loadout page on here. So I decided to make one of my own. For CQB I have a 5.11 Kryptec Black tactical shirt and a pair of Grey security pants from 5.11 as well Depending on what gun im using for CQB ill have my grey plate carrier for my SMG mags and pistol holster. Or ill change out the SMG Mag holders for my M4 mags with my CQB M4 I built. Or ill Loop my Shot shells through the Molle for my KSG build. My outdoor set is building quite a bit. For my Russian Kit I have A gorka-4 suit, An altyn helmet. A condor tan AK mag holder, and a Balaclava. And I am building a Juggernaut Kit for an M249 and AA-12
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