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  1. You want to PM Weetbix. Non club members are allowed entry under certain conditions.
  2. A quick Google and a fps calculator will calculate your joules. Plenty of time to sort it before nats. Failing that chrono it on .2's
  3. Sounds good, can't wait, last Auckland nats was epic.
  4. Just a quick suggestion from last nats. Please dont split everyone up for the last day of gaming. Dont wanna be saying our goodbyes on day two to go play with a few on day three. If that makes sense.
  5. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/classic-vintage/auction-723897522.htm How about an Indian
  6. Any details on Accomodation yet? Getting a bit close to call.
  7. Great. More people for poker tonight!
  8. Me and Callum will be there again this year. Happy to help!
  9. In other news, Poker night was a success, took $100 off Captain America
  10. In lieu of postponement were having a poker game at mine tonight. We play every Friday night, PAC players welcome. PM, TXT or FB for details. Nibbles provided
  11. Actually we changed that at the AGM in our brand new constitution cos it was confusing as shit Also, im keen for this as a shooter.
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