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  1. I have the gbbr version. Are you after that or the AEG version?
  2. Amoki


    Not sure how active SWAT still is, their facebook page is not very active these days. Depending on which part of the Waikato, outside of SWAT you have other options: - if you're on the Northern end: ASA still run games twice a month, NOMAD mil-sim in 1st week of the month and induction games on 3rd week, with occasional members' game now an again. Also Paladin/AirSoft Operators training event last week of the month. - Central Waikato - Hamilton Airsoft -Southern End of the Waikato. The Tauranga Airsoft and CAMS people in Taupo.
  3. In the future, if you need this again just give me a yell (PM or fb). I run at least 2 chest rig systems built for STANAG mags (D3CR and UW-5).
  4. There is a CQB game happening in Taranaki on the 2nd JAN. Takes about 4 hours from Hamilton to Patea. I'm interested in checking one of the few non-commerical CQB field in NZ. Give a head's up if you're interested in attending/organising a convoy.
  5. I am probably going to make that trip down. May or may not stay the night at Palmy. Was an interesting marathon event (24hr) if you want a challenge. Outside of Op Contagion and Op Broken Home, there aren't really that many mil-sim/LARP events to cater for the hardcore guys. Bunch of youse were there last game. If you need to carpool or anything let me know or talk to me on fb.
  6. I'll be there! Can help with chrono-ing if need be. (I have my own chrono)
  7. Lest we forget indeed. I was there when he was a noob. I was there when he was gone. That ain't right. RIP
  8. No thread activity over the last 2 months in the general forum. You guys still active? Any saturday game coming up that you don't mind an ASA member in Hamilton rocking up to? Or are you guys running all your show from Facebook now? (Drop me a PM if you guys ever need help with radios and gun-fixing as well).
  9. Is that the stock suppressor? My concern is that you might break the muzzle of the gun when that suppressor bump into things one too many times... Otherwise, yeah. The MK23 makes for a great offensive pistol lol
  10. Yeah - jump on tradesoft, ABSE, Airsoft Trading etc. An ICS metal-body M4 goes for ~$400 2nd hand, meaning you only really need to cut down the second teeth of the piston half-way and your gun is good to go. In fact, you just missed 2 sales of ICS M4s in the last 2 weeks, hehe. Vest - if you know what you're after it's waaaay cheaper to buy it off aliexpress or Specwarfare.
  11. What happened to the Tamihere house place? Keen to dish out some love with the MP7...
  12. I will be there around 1 pm after finishing church service.
  13. Amoki

    Puni 12th July

    Possibly in, now that I'm moving back to Hamilton and all...
  14. Amoki

    OP FArewell

    what happened to Jango? Moving to AUS?
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