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  1. Hi There. ASA are one of the bigger clubs in Auckland. Check out their details here: If you have no luck, let me know.
  2. Still working on who has the missing lost property. Dont give up hope yet.
  3. ASNZ 2016 Official Nationals Prize Giving Photos. ASNZ Mattheus Van Der Lee Sportsmanship Award. Danny "Spitfire" Cushing from RuB, Wellington. ASNZ Championship Trophy - T.A.G. from Christchurch. Clancy "Snorlax" Duncan, Nate "Eda" Ball, Aaron "Ghosthunter" McAuley, Tim "Flazzbog" McLeod, Jeffrey "Valox" Hawes, Scott "Sasquatch" Gibson, Jason "Sneakers" Croucher, Malvin "Rafen" Howey ASNZ Presidents Trophy for Accuracy, Marcel "Daffy" Veart-Smith from A.S.A, Auckland. ASNZ Specialist Marksmanship Award, Tim "Flazzbog" Mcleod from T.A.G, Christchurch.
  4. Yes, we did find that. But after the saturday night briefing a NAC member has taken home the bag of lost property and Im still currently trying to find out who. I'll post up as soon as I get the lost property.
  5. Every thing? All cabins????????
  6. Hi Gauge. You will need to get in contact with a member from a club in your local area that you play. Once this has happened they will be able to add you to there section of the forums and that will unlock the rest
  7. No, the etiquette is that hosting clubs don't compete in the competition. Great to hear you RUB and TAR are coming to battle it out.
  8. Just incase any one was still woundering. These dates all 100 percent.
  9. and this..... http://www.asnz.co.nz/forums/showthread.php?26909-ASNZ-s-Guide-to-importing-restricted-Airsoft-weapons-in-to-NZ
  10. Just wanted to Bump this thread as I have added some Top quality photos of the ASNZ trophies. Thanks to Elmo from I.C.Photography for volenteering his time to help out. If any one is interested he can be contacted here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ICPhotography/334079876726325?fref=ts
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