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  1. You hire it from the club or field you're playing at Where abouts will you be playing?
  2. Put me down as a maybe, work dependent. Might be able to bring the red bomb (and hopefully have it rigged up to flash).
  3. I think my attendance will depend on whether or not I can get the part for my gun in time...so put me down as maybe.
  4. Id Imagine that the $100 game fee Includes the milsim fee.
  5. Look up COAST - Central Otago AirSoft Team on facebook :-)
  6. ^I would have thought, but then it'd either need to be worded "left hand, right hand" or "off hand, dominant hand". So I thought I'd check :-)
  7. The left hand vs dominant hand rules for the marksman comp look like they'd strongly favour lefties, who'd get to do everything with their dominant hand. Also, what's the range on those targets?
  8. Just reading the execution, is OpFor a non-player force?
  9. Hey hey players! Final game of the year is on the 11th of December. Games start at 10am so be there by 9:30am. At Combat Zone paintball. All New guns will be chronoed. All Other guns will be subjected to random chronoing over time. Hot weapons will not be allowed on the field. Field fee of $5, Paid to Field Owner Brian. Club guns available. Hire fee of $10 for club gun and 450rds of ammo for the day. Additional ammo is $5 for a extra 450rds. Game fee of $10 if you aren't a member and have played more than two games. Coming: Simon MDav Shayne Maybe: Nate Zac Chris Dave Coming NON-DAC members: Club Guns: 3 left
  10. I already run M81 US Woodland so no issue, was just curious :-)
  11. Hey guys, This weekend is a Saturday build day instead of a Sunday game. Time is TBD, we can work out what suits based on who is coming, but won't be starting before 0900. If you have any projects in mind, speak up. If you have any tools that will be handy, feel free to bring them. So far on the to-do list is to take care of fallen trees on the paintball field. Other suggestions welcome. Coming: Si Tools:
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