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  1. Just rock a big ole tarp from the warehouse for $5, get some ropes and build yourself a hobo cove!
  2. Yeah, drive round the bays and when you see the mussell farm and onshore NIWA buildings you will see everyone parked up. Aim to be 10 min late and you'll probably see dudes in camo too.
  3. Anyone heading from Jville way by any chance? My exhaust is about to fall off
  4. Back in the day the flat I lived in had a slug rifle that we would take outside and ping against targets on a pile of cinderblocks out back. The crazy neighbour saw this, and us obviously shooting a target and called the cops and said we were shooting at him. The cops shows up, 4 cars, with armed officers (glocks, no AOS) stalking around the house. When they saw what we were up to the only advice they had was 'to put up a sheet to catch any ricochets.' I think at the end of the day if you are using your toys in a responsible manner (or at least making it obvious that you were ATTEMPTING to use them in a responsible manner) even if the cops do show up they're not gonna lock ya up and snap your m4 over their bony knees.
  5. I will be there. No shit no joke dirty old uncle tom has returned
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