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  1. can't make it, looking at 13 aug for my next game
  2. will be there, just commenting so I can see my new nick name up lol
  3. Will be there won't be playing but will bring someone to game ..
  4. will be there, took a lot of wheeling and dealing.....................well I threatened to quit if I didn't get day off.
  5. lol, snow, I could borrow my work clothes if it snows
  6. I will be there, rain, hail or snow
  7. Work has generously said I can have the day off
  8. I will be there, maybe nurseing a slight hangover and a little late, may have an extra person will confirm later in week
  9. As I am on a rare holiday, can do any day, can bring petrol scrub cutter, chainsaw if needed, lopers, and because I used to be a builder pretty much anything to build with
  10. I will be going, calling in sick at work
  11. just call him noob, but I won't be there, aiming for first weekend in may for a return
  12. Well guess I'm calling in sick for work that weekend
  13. I will be there, seeing as I haven't been been sep due to work
  14. Can't make it, will be there for the last game on the 13th dec thou
  15. I will be there, with a plus one and will need a club gun as well please
  16. I will be there for a while, may be last game for a few weeks
  17. can we get one set up at 100m as well, have a gun I need to sight in
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