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  1. The club has declined in membership numbers trying to promote and motivate people to come along and have a go at a great sport is a tireless and thankless task. The club is registered as an incorporated society. A lot of hard work mainly on my part.There was some thoughts to closing the club which started in 2013. Which I have decided not to as there are potential sites to game in the far north. My focus is now an indoor CQB gaming area once a week, out door fields we have and a lot, but not a lot of CQB. Just another element to add for the uninitiated. With the tragic events the last few weeks being mindful on how to promote Airsoft is a task in diplomacy. So at this stage it would be done through the airsoft community by invite. I will keep everyone posted when and where this will happen. Peace out J0ker
  2. I posted up a poster where staff only have access to, at work (I work in a Prison) about our upcoming twilight games starting next week. I was mindful as how to promote this as the prison director and various managers can view the poster so instead of using images of bad ass military spec forces doing what they do. I used lego characterisations depicted as special forces which gets the message and curiosity across without offending
  3. The club had its first game for the year ( or more ) with what could have been a better turnout bit those who did attend had a great day as I. We just ran 20/30 min games in a small bush setting one such game was securing a 10kg bar bell plate and returning to your base still carrying your primary. We will start utilizing the longer hours of daylight to play some twighlight games for 2 hours from 1800hrs to 2000hrs once a week for the next month or so
  4. Nah just me wont be competing....also have a birthday I HAVE to attend which clashes with those dates
  5. Will be glamping it at my brothers Motel in Palmerston North he has offered a 10% discount for those who are keen its the Colonial Motel just putting it out there for those travelling
  6. PAID today for the milsim event only reference J0ker club FNA....CHUR
  7. don't think these BOSS units will be available the to public as Shane and Mark Hugill the developers have a contract with the US Army for their training purposes which gives them exclusivity of use. Some one please correct me if Im wrong but in saying so they are developing some pretty cool stuff along the same lines but more low profile................and quite possibly the wrong thread to post this to late
  8. J0ker


    yes I have been approached by a couple guys from Whangarei last time they came ( 10 of them ) down to the Armory so will contact them via the FB
  9. As the title suggests I have been Living and working in Auckland since October last year the club has not hosted a game for a while for its members who are very few and very far between. The work roster makes it hard to travel and organise games and the troops hopefully I can organise a friendly game at a paintball field in Paihia on the 25th to 26th of May with the Whangarei club. And appoint someone from FNA to run things in my absence, certainly dont want to disband the club for lack of members or games and location as there arent any asnz airsoft clubs north of Waiwera.
  10. Agree best NATZ ever well run great bunch of guys and day 1 WAS awesome had the best time it was like the entree to the main course the BEACH landing green role Cheers NAC you certainly set the bar
  11. shop.ehobbyasia.com/ics-tag-airsoft-russian-grenade-package-1x...ASA allows them for NOMAD games couldn't find the link will post when found or hopefully someone from ASA can
  12. one of the guys has asked if he can use tag rounds ?
  13. event 4 double tap...what is the distance to targets
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