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  1. Please inform your ASNZ Rep to add an agenda items for the next meeting: Next Meeting: Agenda:
  2. I've paid under Captrix/ Amba Cherry $150. Field fee and up keep.
  3. Oh man can't Wait!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  4. Lethal said maybe we should put an event attendance in the shark badge
  5. Think we will be busyer pm but what ever works for you bud!
  6. Team we need members help for Sunday morning!!!! Prep is in Richmond after 4 sometime??? Helpers welcome
  7. NAC Sports Person of the Year Yes it is that time again! Voting for the NAC member that impressed you the most this year and deserves some recognition. This year submission will be take via Survey Monkey. Voting ends Friday the 6th December. One Vote Per Member, so chose wisely. VOTING LINK: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8YC9HRZ The Prize? โ€‹One awesome Trophy with your call sign engraved on it. Trophy will be awarded on the 14th of December at Happy Valley.
  8. Thanks Team! All good Quade, thanks heaps! Do you want me to take care the prep this time? To true Guardian, Afternoon will probably be when we will be busiest if thats cool with you. Sounds Good Label.
  9. Hey Team, We are Fundraising for a second time, on the Sunday 7th Of December at the Richmond Warehouse. We Need Volunteers to help out! If you are keen to help out please post below and what time you can offer. We need at least 3 people at the BBQ at all times as well as People to help with prep. But as always the more NAC support we can get the better
  10. Butters is helping out in the arvo, Joe is unwell, but he's good looks are preventing him from turning up to the BBQ ( well that's what the call was about)
  11. Cool, how many would we need to keep the food at a dencent temp?
  12. Hi Team, BBQ at Bunnings is a go! Times: Sunday 9th November We will be meeting at 8:40 Sunday morning at the BBQ area for Prep and be ready By 9:00 We will be there till 4:00. After 4:00 Clean up. On the day Help; Raw food handler, Grill, Money Handler ect. All day we have: Elmo, Joe, Morgin and Myself AM: Quade Guardian and Peacekeeper have also offered some assistance Pre Jobs: Food gathering: Quade and myself Bread Prep: Quade and Kitten (Quade put Kittens hand up for him) Cutting Onions: Myself and Elmo* Float: Myself Needing to Bring: Chilly bins: Joe and Quade BBQ utensils: Joe Ice Packs: Needed Gloves: Donated by Mrs Joe Napkins: Myself Cleaning Supplies: Myself Large Food Containers: Needed Float lock box: Myself All NAC members welcome to come and support If you can Help with anything let us know
  13. I have to sort babysitter but should be fine i can do register etc
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