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  1. luke you big penis, you know we dont need no invite besides, apart from the odd individual, its only really bin me, cake, deepeyes, wookie who travel as a group to anything, and now were seemingly going all out seperate ways... new bloods need to get traveled, the little shits p.s. ive posted in csg section. ill rattle the stick in hope the freshins get out of their holes. I cant say if Ill go-im winding down to go to scotland *pending*-but other than saving money, I might just visit you guys just for this reason. I shall have to see how things pan out
  2. extremely well run, so well run we were trying to catch a break till the end of the day haha enjoyed every bit, still feeling a bit stiff
  3. me and sweetcorn have paid (will be registering under able when the rest have their shit squared).
  4. would also like to know this^
  5. no worries, chur :)thats all the ones ill be doing from the weekend
  6. moooooarrrrrr https://youtu.be/2vYWZs9RSEU https://youtu.be/kIPr0i0uxeo
  7. heres my first vid of just the d-day game. was pretty fluid actually as far as airsoft and a meat grinder goes. good times https://youtu.be/DchW8hSThA4
  8. big thanks to NAC for putting on a great day! Pleased to say I honestly enjoyed the whole day and had no issues whatsoever, just good, clean fun to be had! Thanks to Joe for putting on the games and everyone else who was involved. Ill be editing footage for the next night or so, but so far looks pretty savage haha. Cheers guys, until next time!
  9. also-have plastered this onto CSG FB group, rousing the hoard of reluctant troops who have never made it....if they make it this once Im sure they will return
  10. coming for the mermaids, nothing else ... na actual, Im more than overdue for this one and will commit >
  11. you certainly get the tick for thinking outside the box with your projects dude haha. Awesome idea!
  12. *shakes fist* atttttennnnddddd
  13. crap, working that day, thats me out
  14. 27th night if thats correct? Just so people dont get confused even if its technically sunday morning? But yeh, should be in
  15. well, we can delete/edit this one haha. If its easier Ill just make a new thread scv so I can post up the scenario
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