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  1. The only non-homo non-member of DAC (girls excluded)
  2. I'd be keen again if you'll have me :-)
  3. Anton, that's a well reasoned reply, at the end of the day it's your call, and it sounds like you are happy to get your 'E' endorsement. No problems there, once you have that it's a moot point. Only one minor problem. Your AR-15 will still need to be over 762mm in length (and thats measured with the stock in it's collapsed position). Under 762mm it becomes a 'B' endorsement pistol, and you'd only be able to use it on a approved range. That's assuming that you'll be allowed to register it as a pistol. Or you could move it onto a 'C' endorsement (collectors) with no issues, except that fact that you are no longer permitted to shoot it. No idea who came up with 762mm, or the rational behind it but that's what we have to live with. cheers
  4. I wear sunglasses, but polycarbonate lenses not glass.
  5. Yup, just rock up, and sign the book. Bring your own glasses and ear protection, the club ones may be a bit scarce. cheers
  6. Hi Guys Not sure if any of you are interested but we are hosting the SI IPSC champs on the 12th and 13th of October at the pistol club in waldronville. It's a qualifying match for the 2014 worlds, so most of NZ's top pistol shooters will be there. Start Sat at 9:00 sharp, and will be going most of the day. Sunday will be morning only. So if any of you are interested in coming over to the dark side come along for a look. There are some wicked stages, including one starting in a helicopter. Safety glasses and ear protection will be required. Now it's day light savings time, must be time to get a few of you out for another play with some of my toys. Big Rudie, do you want to organise this, lets say 6 max? I must get my gun fixed and come out for a game sometime. I'd really like to swap my King Arms M4 for an AK, seeing as I don't current own an AR and run an AK for 3-gun. Anyone got any ideas Big Rudie you've had a go with my AK, something similar would be perfect. Cheers.
  7. Bane makes some excellent points. As does sixthree. As an 'a', 'b' and 'e' endorsement holder the changes to the law don't affect me at all, I can still get my grubby little hands on just about anything I want as long as it's inside the parameters of the law. I think you'd be surprised how many people use airsoft firearms for training. I do tonnes of drills at home with my airsoft glock, time that is well spent when it comes to hitting the range with my real glocks and in IPSC competition. I'm not an active airsoft person, I've been to a few games with DAC. From the outside looking in it kind of looks like a bunch of call of duty players acting out their favorite fantasies. But in reality I've found the guys (and girls) I've met to be nice people who have a genuine love for their sport. And that's no different to my enjoyment of my sport. I've taken a few DAC members out to my pistol club and let them have some fun, I'm sure that I'll be doing it again this summer as well and they'll return the favour by letting me come along to some of their games and shooting me :-) The common thread is sport and firearms. It's a case of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Divided we will fall, you only have to look across the ditch to australia to see that. So thanks to digit for getting the ball rolling, and thanks to those of you who have given us their support.
  8. Sorry, I wasn't trying to stir up a storm on this forum, just trying to drum up some support. A few points: Trademe rules what can and can't be displayed, their rules don't allow pictures of pistol grips. This law has nothing to do with trademe. Plenty of information on other forums if you are really interested, but to sum up, 1992 legislation challenged in court, Police lost, this legislation brings things back into line with their way of thinking. You'd have to be absolutely nuts to think that at some future date, your airsoft toys are not going to made illegal? It's happened in other countries. And finally: Firearms Amendment Act. Yes you can still Import Airsoft Guns. - Yes you will, but adding the extra time to send your permits through to customs to get your gun released takes time, max six weeks for me so far. Yes Import Permits are Free. - Yes permits are free, but my last 4 permits have taken 4-6 weeks to process. I'd imagine you guys will be generating a fair few permits, so i'd expect those wait times to be longer. So combining those two points means, that from time of placing permit to getting permit, ordering, shipping, notification from customs, clearing permit with customs, and then actual physical delivery to your doorstep takes time. All time record for me is 4 weeks, longest is 12 weeks and counting. No, you dont require a Firearms Licence No, you dont require an E-Cat Safe. No, you wont get refused a Permit for XXXX retarded reason, they must provide a valid reason to refuse the permit (I.E. Walk into the Police Station wearing Gang Paraphernalia, You claim the Airsoft gun is for your split personality Bob.) - I hope you are wrong, but I've had several permits refused, and most others in my club have as well. It's not the law that they have to give you one, each case is examined on it's own merits.
  9. Hi Guys. Wondering if a few of you could lend some support. The incoming legislation is going to affect you guys in the future. Now would be a good time to show some support for firearms users, you might be after some yourselves in the future. Thanks You can now make a last minute submission on www.saveourpistolgrips.com to maybe save our pistol grips for A-Cat firearms. The website will send the submission (below) to the following people: Anne Tolley (Minister of Police) Judith Collins (Minister of Justice) Peter Dunne (United Future) Richard Prosser (New Zealand First) Kris Faafoi (Labour Police Spokesperson) Michael Dowling (COLFO) You can edit the message before sending. The only way this will succeed is if everyone gets behind it. The website will be promoted on every forum and to every customer possible. It will be interesting to see what sort of buy in we get. If anyone has pictures we can use of pistol grip semi autos it would be much appreciated. Thanks to scaggly for the simple solution and hopefully politicians will come on board. The editable submission below: BAD LAW MAKING GOOD CITIZENS CRIMINALS. On December 11th 2013, the Arms Ammendment Act 2012 will come into force unwittingly turning thousands of sports people into criminals. These sports people will be punished for doing nothing more than purchasing and enjoying the use of a modern firearm fitted with a pistol grip. The pistol grip is a natural evolution in the safety and performance features of our firearms. I AM STONGLY OPPOSED to the consequences of this poorly thought out ammendment and the affects it will have on my community. Government and Police are driving an increasingly larger wedge between themselves and those that enjoy the exhilaration of hunting and the personal satisfaction of shooting in the safe manner that we are licenced for. FORTUNATELY THERE IS A SOLUTION FOR ALL INVOLVED. My solution is to simply keep the legal definition of an MSSA pistol grip exactly as it stands under current law. Law abiding citizens can then continue to enjoy their chosen sport. This solution would be seen by thousands of licenced Kiwi firearm owners as going a long way toward helping mend the increasing rift between Government, Police and my community. I urge you to participate in ensuring that the legal definition of a MSSA pistol grip does not change. This message was bought to you by www.saveourpistolgrips.com
  10. Big Rudie, I might come along and drop my gun off for repair if that is ok. Once thats done must be time to get a few of you back out to the range for some more fun :-)
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