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  1. I'm a cunt but I don't have a polarstar, explain that?
  2. Because the men in question are used to AK platforms, and because the country in question manufactures AK's so it's easier and more cost effective to adapt a known weapon.
  3. Aron you better come or you'll have no reason to moan about "no games". I'll slap you! Field is confirmed too guys so we are go for launch houston.
  4. Auto is to be used by support weapons only. Obviously any gun can be FA capable and it's fine to unjam via FA (not pointing at anyone!)
  5. Depends if your mum packs it in your lunch box I guess.
  6. ALRIGHT 31337 0P3R4T0RS Are you ready to operate so hard, you're previous operations will look like a trip to the corner dairy for some chocolate milk?!? * Well maybe. That sounds too hard. Lets just get lunch and talk about playing soldiers. Arrive: 0900 Finish: When mum says go home. Fee: $10 going to the field operators. Please have magazines loaded, webbing packed with lollies n sugary shit, and guns pre tested! FIELD CONFIRMED FOR SATURDAY THAT MEANS YOU ARON. *unless you live in lawless Wainui, and need to arm yourself just to go outside the house
  7. Stretch

    OP No Clue

    I'll be there Saturday, not sure about overnight though.
  8. Stretch

    Ex Fun-times

    Hello, I will attend. Good day.
  9. Woot. I added the mini smokes if you can see them. I may need to get you to take a couple of the pouches back to the canvas sewing place and get grenade loops added so I have a place to put the WP and baseball. The SLR needs a hop unit rebuild :/ but at least it's auto now
  10. The kids could've come from Tawa/porirua area, I hear they have some sort of horse and cart public transport to the Hutt Valley now. He possibly fits the description.
  11. http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/9630244/Large-fire-burns-at-school Probably some kids setting it on fire. Jeez, the youth of today....
  12. Nowhere near enough selfies. Did the M249 get too heavy for ya Wiki:p
  13. Look who's talking..... You're very quick to throw out some hacuksations young man.
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