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  1. Big thanks to ASA best nationals I've been to so far hope to see everyone again in the future.
  2. We were due rain eventually, but nonetheless still excited
  3. Interested but you already know due to facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1404221866534946/
  4. Thanks for the game AHB, looking forward to the next Block Wars Especially enjoyed the Judges and the vehicular slaughter ;b
  5. You forgot to mention the elevator shaft incident too Panzer ;p
  6. I'm keen, do we have to pay into the clubs account or can we just roll up on the day with $30 in hand?
  7. actually scratch what i said, some family stuff suddenly popped up and thats taken over my priorities sorry.
  8. don't scream this time Scotty xD
  9. All I can say is i'm keen for the next nats this one was a blast, everyone created a friendly and fun atmosphere and it was just enjoyable to be around and having a yarn with other players and matching faces to forum names. I would just like to thank everyone who attended for making the event lively and AHB for organizing it
  10. I would of stayed for Milsim but I had no say because I wasn't the one driving xD
  11. Btw whoever had that m4 or was it an HK416 that sounded like a real weapon....bloody amazing man!
  12. I got home at 9 in the morning, the heavy rain in the morning put me off the Milsim, hope everyone had a blast, great atmosphere loved it. Excited for the next nats when it comes
  13. Gremlin isn't attending, Old Bastard can fill his spot though
  14. Just wondering if Old Bastard is on your list, he's paid
  15. Just wondering what time people should turn up to the event at, sorry if it was mentioned and I didn't see it ;b
  16. but cheers for quoting that info Spitfire
  17. depends how much energy is being burn't in the 4+ hours haha
  18. Now it says we will be crossing a river, how big is the field exactly I just would like to know to see how much food and water i need to pack
  19. Old Bstard from PAC is signing up as an individual i think, hes payed too.
  20. I'm apart of PAC but my membership status hasn't been displayed for quite a while now.
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