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  1. On May 15th the TAG boys are coming down to Dunedin for some good clean fun! I have 8 confirmed already but they should be posting up here as well, so this thread is for discussion and planning of the day. We'd be happy to just take part in a usual club day but if you lads want to organise something a little special like a day game or something that would be awesomes. Love Falcs
  2. To be fair I got some of these (.4) and they are amazing
  3. Lol at all the last minute payments!
  4. If tag go down I'm keen. About time to slip the boots back on
  5. There is no first game, the whole day is one big game
  6. Phone says sun. It shal be sun
  7. Tag squad one (Still awaiting "special" name lol) Squad I ReaperNet Flazzbog Nate SexyLegs Falcon Tasker +bob if playing
  8. Dan are you adopting the asnz fps rules or keepin the event as dac standard?
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